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Mobile First for SEO (What you need to know)

SEO UX Google Update Release Mobile-first eBook Download

In 2018, Google's search index moved to a mobile-first approach. This means all search results, regardless of the device you're using, will be shaped by how well the mobile version of the website is performing.

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Shopify Unite: New Announcements for 2018

e-commerce Update Release Shopify

Yesterday, Shopify hosted their third annual ‘Shopify Unite’, a conference in which Shopify release their biggest and best software and product updates for the year. The conference was held in Toronto, Ontario and live-streamed around the world, for partners and developers everywhere.

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Major eBay Update for May 2018

UX e-commerce Update Release eBay

May 2018 brings with it some major changes for the e-commerce world: eBay will begin overhauling its online “Shopfronts” to improve user experience. Rolling out the updates over several phases, eBay’s new design will champion a ‘Shop by Product’ approach.

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Magento 2.3 Releases

Magento e-commerce OpenSource Event Update Release

In May at Magento’s annual Imagine conference in Las Vegas the news was released about Magento 2.3 and the new features it will bring for merchants.

UPDATE: On the 28th November 2018 Magento 2.3 was officially released, meaning you can now begin to benefit from all of the features detailed in this blog post when you upgrade.

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Key announcements from Magento Live 2015

Magento e-commerce Event Update Release

Didnt make it to Magento Live 2015? For those of you looking for your latest fix of Magento related goodness look no further, we’ve summarised the key announcements from the conference for those of you in the Magento Community who weren't able to attend.

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