Continual Improvement For A Site Reflective Of The World's Most Exclusive Resorts

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About the Client

Owned by Vladislav Doronin, the first Aman resort was built in Phuket, Thailand in 1988. Aman strives for a feeling of peace and unity within their resorts and design their hotels to fit into their natural surroundings. The hotels are complemented with superior levels of customer service throughout the entire Aman experience.

Aman hosts a rich visual experience on their website. Boasting a portfolio of 31 exclusive resorts, hotels, and private residences around the globe, it remains vital that the aesthetic excellence of the brand translates online.

Project Goals

Aman sought a partner with uncompromising attention to detail, capable of creating digital experiences truly reflective of what are some of the world’s most lavish and luxurious resorts. We were commissioned to continually improve the existing Drupal website based on Aman’s strategic objectives.




The client's website is often the first point of influence for Aman to have on future clients. Even if only subconsciously, good site performance contributes towards a positive brand impression.

After an extensive health check process, to identify performance bottlenecks and conduct load testing, we were able to optimise precise areas and functions within the site. We took a lead on introducing performance best practices, and Aman quickly saw an increase in Google Pagespeed Insight scores. By optimising how fonts, scripts, and styling were loaded, we cut down page load times and time spent in navigation

Images & Media

Tension existed between the desire to have a media rich website reflecting Aman’s brand values and the fast delivering of web pages with high performance.

Our front-end specialists meticulously optimised rich media, video assets and Javascript performance to provide a more immersive experience without delay. We created an uncompromising solution between performance and aesthetic that was achieved through both Drupal optimisation and the use of Cloudinary.

Maps Integration

We built a Google Map integration with Aman branded map styling and optimised marker clustering. Once embedded into the site it served to provide a unique visual approach in representing Aman’s wide range of resorts and helping customers decide on which property to visit next.


Content Management System

Our team provided Aman’s content managers with a superior editorial experience. The system provides extended detailing capabilities, out-performing many other systems in terms of the level of control.

The system features time-saving tools, allowing editors to tailor everything from thumbnail image proportions to search engine snippets, whilst ensuring concise brand guideline compliance. These tools reduce time to market, providing faster response and publishing abilities for the brand.

With Drupal’s industry-leading internationalisation tools, we have also provided Aman’s content managers with intuitive tools to manage content in Chinese, Japanese and Arabic to allow efficient inhouse publishing.


Whilst the Residences section existed previously, each deserved its own dedicated space to fully demonstrate the superior traits. The pages were designed to tell a better story and enable Aman to differentiate their services.

We developed a new landing page to focus visitor attention on Aman’s residences product offering. We integrated existing and new components, to differentiate the offering within the site whilst maintaining the appropriate Aman branding. Visitors are now able to appreciate the full benefits of their stay before they book.



Aman places great importance upon all of their clients receiving an equally superior experience. Guests enjoy a consistently high level of service the whole way through the customer journey, no more so than on the website. Therefore, we revised language capabilities to the site that allows visitors to view the site in English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic without having to navigate to a new domain.


Aman Results

By using an Agile methodology we were able to rapidly release iterations, quickly evolve and improve the digital experience meeting Amans discerning customers standards.

o far, practices have seen Aman’s site exceed in Google Pagespeed Insight scores and achieve a 36% year-over-year revenue increase. Through successes like these, we have fostered a rewarding and ongoing relationship with Aman and we are excited to release our continual development and success in the future.