Combining B2B and B2C Best Practice in an Integrated Website Design

About the Client

Tetrosyl are the largest manufacturer and supplier of car care products in Europe. They sell a vast range of car parts and automotive accessories for maintenance and repair. Since 1954, Tetrosyl have developed multiple popular brands and products for both car and home care.

In the UK, Tetrosyl is well-known for their sub-brand: Motor World. Based primarily across 41 high street stores nationwide, Motor World also trade online via eBay.

Business Challenge

Tetrosyl came to CTI with an ambition to create two separate eCommerce sites for their industry-leading car care products: a corporate B2B site and sub-brand B2C site. 

The first site operates at group level: Tetrosyl Express. The legacy site was not clearly linked to the international brand and, as such, struggled with website performance and conversion. The company was still reliant on telephone orders, due to usability issues with their online store. They needed a web redesign focused on improving the user experience.

To reach a different audience, Tetrosyl looked to create a B2C site for one of their well-known sub-brands. Motor World needed to transfer their high street popularity into an online storefront. Previously operating on eBay, Motor World needed a website designed from the ground up, whilst incorporating the familiar branding.

Rebrand and Style Tile

Rebrand and Logo

Tetrosyl’s legacy website lacked any visual connections with their well-known brand name. Ahead of the website redesign, our creative team undertook a digital-first brand refresh, to ensure the Tetrosyl Express branding would suit a modern digital experience. This involved directing and producing new graphic designs, as well as creating a brand new logo, to fit more closely with the global group identity. 

Meanwhile, their UK brand Motor World had a well-known logo but no further brand guidelines. Therefore, we extrapolated the familiar logo into a fully branded website design.

Style Tile

To ensure consistent branding through all future outputs, we created two separate Style Tiles for Tetrosyl and Motor World. They feature a mood board of brand colours, typography, imagery and common user interface elements. By producing clear branding documentation, we created a design system that reaches beyond the current webpage templates, and will last through future development.

MockUp 2 White

Motor World Style Tile

Integrated Systems with Independent Shopfronts

Although Tetrosyl Express and Motor World operate as separate stores, they share a single fulfillment process. To unite the two brands under the Tetrosyl umbrella, we designed the websites to guide a common customer journey and consistent user experience

Using the same front-end template and shared modules for both websites, we simplified the back-end fulfillment process for Tetrosyl stakeholders. Catering to a single purchase journey also enables new efficiencies, for a more productive warehouse. 

Development and Creative Collaboration

When designing an eCommerce website, our creative team combine UX considerations with expert insight from our Magento developers. This collaborative approach ensures that our design outputs are efficient for developers to produce and cost-effective for the client.

For example, the Magento Accelerator theme features user-friendly product filtering options, specific to each product category. These facets can be defined easily during Magento development, to fit the design of the new product listing page.

B2B Functionality

The Tetrosyl Express website is intended for a B2B market. We optimised the new website design to simplify the B2B buying experience. 

We created pared-back login and checkout pages, to present a professional, corporate appearance for high-value customers.

Beyond aesthetic improvements, we redesigned the architecture of the site navigation, to separate the wide range of products clearly, from car parts to cycles, homeware, and tools. Each product category is quick to find and clearly features key selling points, to enable efficient ordering. 

For loyal customers, we also designed a Quick Order Form, for users to purchase repeat products without searching for them anew.

MockUp 5 Light Grey

Quick Order Form on Tetrosyl Express

B2C Improvements

The new Motor World website needed to be designed for the consumer market, to amplify the organisation’s B2C reach. 

We incorporated non-invasive ‘upsell’ blocks into the design, showcasing multibuy add-ons on product pages. Similarly, we featured ‘Frequently bought together’ comparison blocks in the new layout, to increase average order value without intruding upon the streamlined user experience.

From our vast experience with eCommerce web design, we incorporated industry best practice and customer-focused design techniques. This included a prominent USP banner below the main navigation, to catch a user’s attention with selling points such as ‘free returns’ or ‘money-back guarantee’.

Responsive Mobile Design

The previous Tetrosyl site was unresponsive and difficult to use on smartphones or tablets. As online shoppers increasingly browse and purchase on mobile devices, we have a long history of adopting a mobile-first approach to design. This creates a commerce experience tailored for smaller screen sizes. 

The new Tetrosyl and Motor World website designs are fully responsive. Using our custom-built grid framework, the websites scale and refigure to enhance the user experience across all devices.


Our creative team produced a branded redesign quickly and efficiently, to meet a short-term deadline for Tetrosyl’s external development agency. In a short space of time, we produced two modern website designs alongside all branding documentation for future development and marketing endeavours.

The clients were delighted with the way that the new-look websites would significantly improve the customer experience and feed seamlessly into back-end productivity.

Motor World Website Design Preview

Key design elements from the new Motor World and Tetrosyl Express sites