Achieving a Personal Best in eCommerce

About the Client

Supreme Nutrition “fuse[s] together the world of high quality nutrition and an active driven lifestyle”. They pride themselves on championing transparency, investing in product development and rigorous testing for their entire supplement range. They've been awarded ‘Informed Sport’ and ‘Informed Choice’ accreditations for their efforts, are are the product of choice for a number of high-profile athletes. Focusing on a core range of seven products and offering a variety of flavours, Supreme Nutrition stand out as purveyors of quality in the ever-growing fitness supplement market.

Business Challenge

Supreme Nutrition came to CTI Digital as an ambitious start up, requiring a new website, built from the ground up. With lofty aspirations in a crowded marketplace, we consulted on key business decisions, from branding to payment gateways and beyond. Helping to shape the business model, we delivered a fully-integrated e-commerce site, to allow the company to grow.


Shopify Plus Ecommerce

We pride ourselves on choosing the right platform the each specific client. Inline with the clients goals we created the site for Supreme Nutrition using Shopify Plus: a fully hosted, cloud-based solution. This allowed us to accelerate the client’s time to market and support secure trading as soon as possible. This service model provides all the necessary infrastructure for a company to grow, trading as a global enterprise.  

Bespoke Web Design

We designed the site to match the clean, crisp and clinical brief. This scientific styling affords a sense of authority and validity to the brand.

This customised branding filters through all elements of the site, as we even designed and implemented a branded loading symbol. Similar to the familiar waiting wheel, this effect provides an innovative and eye-catching way to boost brand awareness. This subtle animation also lends a professional impact to the site.


Shoppable Instagram

By integrating Supreme Nutrition’s Instagram feed onto their website, we were able to reinforce the brand’s credibility, whilst also championing user-generated content. Focusing on lifestyle imagery, rather than strictly photographs of products, encourages engagement and identification for a user; the website is continuously building a community feel.

Beyond building the brand name, we installed dynamic links to purchase, by hotspotting images. Tags on a picture, either on Instagram or the website’s own feed, make it simple to click through to purchase the associated products; as such we were able to monetise the vast array of up-to-date content that Instagram provides.


Apply Pay and PayPal Integration

We integrate PayPal into a majority of our ecommerce sites, as this streamlines the checkout process, allowing the customer to use pre-saved billing and shipping information. Association with PayPal also adds an element of trust and security, which is vital to instill in any start-up business.

To reduce checkout time even further, we installed Apple Pay into the Supreme Nutrition site. This partnership provides a one-click checkout process, making the conversion from visitor to purchaser quicker and easier than ever before.

Address Lookup

In order to further speed up the purchase process, CTI Digital have developed a custom-built module for address lookup, now available via open source. Combining the Google Maps Address Lookup feature with the Shopify checkout simplifies the buyer's experience. Free of licensing fees, this open source solution provides great value for money allowing Supreme Nutrition to provide a professional, enterprise-level user experience, for a fraction of the cost of some existing models.

Social Logins

We wanted to provide the fastest purchasing journey possible. The registration process was also improved through the addition of a submission free log-in via users existing Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Utilising this existing data users could reduce time spent filling out personal details and increase the likelihood of committing to a purchase.

Social Logins

Email Automation

Integrating with the Klaviyo email service allows Supreme Nutrition to nurture contact with their customers. Automating reminders about abandoned baskets and suggestions to replenish a previous purchase, amongst a myriad of other options, makes it easy to target and personalise email marketing campaigns. By personalising and targeting their approach, Supreme Nutrition are able to boost their visibility without appearing intrusive; achieving this in an automated fashion allows the company to perform in a scalable way.

360-Degree Images

A hugely important element of the protein supplement market is the clear communication of nutritional data. Whilst this information is written on the site, we also provided users with an immersive and visual way of reading the product label: product page images are mobilised with 360-degree spin and zoom features. This eye-catching feature can be examined in a pop-out viewer, to give the user full confidence in their purchase.


Countdown Timer

In a world of excess, it can be difficult for customers to make a quick decision. We implemented a countdown timer to dispatch within the purchasing window. The timer incentivises purchasers, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity. It also acts to build vital trust between the consumer and brand. The client knows their products will be delivered on time, and that Supreme Nutrition might be just as obsessed with timing their personal best as they are.


Google Shopping

Allowing the branded products to reach beyond their own website, we integrated Supreme Nutrition with Google Shopping. This service exports data which ultimately feeds onto Search Engine Results Pages. Google Shopping enables remarketing campaigns and allows affiliates to stock and sell their products around the world.  

Supreme +: Lifestyle Performance Blog

Integrated into the Supreme Nutrition ecommerce website, Supreme+ is a lifestyle blog, aimed at informing and supporting customers. By sharing expertise on fitness and nutrition, the brand can position themselves as an authority in their field. Introducing a blog also creates a community feel throughout an e-commerce site. Posting regular content encourages potential buyers to engage with the site and the brand, beyond simply purchasing. 

Lifestyle Performance Blog

Supreme Points

Encouraging brand loyalty, the site incorporates a rewards points system, integrated with Loyalty Lion. Earning points against purchases (10 points per £1 spend) and redeeming points for rewards (9000 points saves £35) incentivises customers to return time and again. To benefit from the scheme, customers must sign up or log in, thus actively engaging with the site and paving the way for future marketing campaigns and ideas from the brand. Supreme Points tallies are visible on every page of the site, alongside the user’s basket; this lends a personalised touch to the user experience. Loyalty Lion also connects with Klaviyo, further enabling Supreme Nutrition to target their marketing efforts.  

Supreme Loyalty Points


This site launched in 2018. Stunning imagery and an intuitive interface stand strong and provide users with an experience as hard working as they are. Not convinced?

Take a look at the Supreme Nutrition site for yourself.