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The Drupal community across the world is today celebrating the release of Drupal 8. With over 3,000 people contributing to Drupal 8 over the past five years, the hotly anticipated release could not come soon enough for a passionate community of over 1 million.
As ever, the global Drupal community have banded together in rapid innovation, launching the #Celebr8D8 campaign. Developers and evangelists around the world have submitted videos explaining exactly what Drupal 8 means to them.

As the sun rises, people will be waking to join in the #Celebr8D8 campaign. This social media Mexican wave reinforces the point of just how widespread and passionate the Drupal community truly is. Keep an eye on the #Celebr8D8 hashtag to join in the celebrations.
Check out the Celebr8 Drupal8 site for the full video collection or to submit your own video. Friends of CTI might recognise a few names in the team behind Celebr8D8, with Paul Johnson leading the campaign and the global social media plan. Thanks to Graham Brown for editing the fantastic launch video and special thanks also go to Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Alison Hover, Amy Leak and Matt Smith. Of course, thanks to the entire Drupal community for their efforts over the last five years and for making Drupal 8 possible.
Let’s Celebr8 Drupal8 together. #Celebr8D8

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