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Architecting Success in the Cloud

Empowering our Clients

We succeed when our clients succeed. That’s why we put empowering the teams we work with at the centre of our Cloud Architecture and Consultancy service. We help customers align with AWS best practice, provide access to our deep expertise and highlight technologies and processes that we know will help you get to where you want to be quickly and safely. 

A Holistic View

We don’t just design cloud solutions to fit your current processes. We’re brave enough to tell you when your current processes need modernising for a cloud-native approach. We take a holistic view of business challenges and opportunities and design a cloud platform that addresses both.

Proven Technologies

Cloud computing is a rapidly evolving industry; it's easy to get overwhelmed by competing technologies. We help customers make informed choices while staying agile by recommending proven technologies and products that scale efficiently and securely as your business grows. 

Let's Talk

“CTI, from initial engagement with the team, understood our requirements swiftly and took full ownership of the integration project, moving us seamlessly from a static hosting environment to their AWS services.”

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Architecture Solutions

AWS as a framework consists of multiple components, from database management components, data storage options, caching and load balancing technologies. We look at the applications and data you are looking to store in the cloud and architect a solution that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Existing Setup Audit & Recommendations

If you already have AWS cloud infrastructure in your business, we can audit existing setups and make recommendations to help reduce costs, reduce complexity and automate admin tasks to make your cloud infrastructure more predictable, more reliable and easier to manage.

Cloud Architecture Optimisations 

Our AWS Systems Administrators and in-house development teams can work through optimisation briefs to tackle common problems such as speed and latency issues, application compatibility, security hardening or cost management. We work in partnership with IT teams to provide proactive advice on where improvements could be made and the impact of suggested changes.

Cloud Consultancy in Numbers


Years Hosting Mission Critical Infrastructure


Production Cloud Solutions Under Management


Infrastructure Audits completed in 2023


Cloud Security Audits & Remediations in 2023


Dedicated AWS & Infrastructure Professionals


AWS Certifications & Accreditations

The benefits of great AWS architecture

Cost & Efficiency

Well-architected AWS cloud infrastructure is more cost-effective. It simplifies your team's workflows, making them easier to manage. This reduces development overheads and speeds up the time to market.


Improved scalability and response times go hand in hand with well-architected AWS  infrastructure. Our team can advise you on how to reduce latency, achieve better cost optimisation and improve infrastructure efficiency.

Cloud Security Best Practices

Our team leverages AWS’s built-in security features to ensure your compliance objectives are met, minimising vulnerabilities and protecting against threats.

Improved Reliability & Uptime

AWS Cloud infrastructure enhances reliability and enables faster administrative responses, speeding up critical upgrades. This leads to improved uptime, better performance, and cost savings. 

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Real Impact - AWS Cloud Case Studies

Why work with CTI Digital?

A Trusted Partner for Critical Infrastructure

We are trusted by banks, governments, enterprise businesses and global charities to manage and support critical cloud infrastructure.

24/7/365 Management & Support

24/7 enterprise support with cloud monitoring tools configured to alert us to potential problems before they become real ones. 

Award Winning Team

Our cloud services team won Tech Team of the Year in both the 2021 & 2022 Prolific North Awards and Best DevOps Team at the UK Dev Awards.

Application Expertise

As a technology-agnostic agency, we have experience with world-leading web apps, such as Drupal, Adobe Commerce and Laravel, as well as bespoke applications. 

Our partners & accreditations

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Talk to an AWS expert

We’re available to talk Monday - Friday between 9am and 5.30pm (excluding UK public holidays)

You can call or email us, or book a 30 minute session with one of our friendly team of experts and we’ll help you to plan your successful AWS Cloud migration. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between cloud consulting and solution architecture services?

Cloud consulting involves providing advice to businesses on adopting and optimising cloud technologies. 

Solution architecture focuses on designing comprehensive solutions that align with business goals, utilising cloud services effectively.

Why do businesses need solution architecture services?

Businesses may need more expertise to navigate complex cloud environments and maximise their benefits, or in many cases, businesses would instead have their internal IT and tech teams focus on other priorities and outsource to an experienced consultancy to provide strategic advice. 

Our architecture consultancy services provide strategic guidance, helping companies leverage cloud technologies for improved efficiency, scalability, and cost savings.

How can cloud consulting services benefit my business?

Cloud consulting services can help businesses streamline operations, enhance scalability, improve security, and reduce IT infrastructure costs. By leveraging expert guidance, businesses can optimise their cloud strategy to align with their specific goals and objectives.

What are the key components of solution architecture?

The key components of solution architecture include defining business requirements, designing system architecture, selecting appropriate technologies, creating technical specifications, and ensuring alignment with business objectives.

How does solution architecture support business objectives?

Solution architecture ensures that IT solutions are aligned with business objectives by designing systems that meet functional requirements, scalability needs, performance expectations, and budget constraints. This alignment helps businesses achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

What factors should be considered when choosing a cloud consulting provider?

When choosing a cloud consulting provider, factors to consider include:

  • Expertise and experience in cloud technologies - does the provider have the right certifications and accreditations?
  • Proven track record of successful projects - can be demonstrated through case studies and successful projects
  • Understanding of business needs
  • Scalability of services
  • Security practices
  • Cost-effectiveness

What steps are involved in the cloud migration process?

The cloud migration process typically involves assessment and planning, data migration, application migration, testing, deployment, and ongoing optimisation. Each step requires careful consideration of technical, operational, and business factors.

How can I optimise my cloud infrastructure for performance and cost efficiency?

Cloud infrastructure optimisation involves right-sizing resources, implementing auto-scaling, optimising storage usage, leveraging cost-effective pricing models, and monitoring performance metrics to identify areas for improvement.

Can cloud consulting services help with security and compliance requirements?

Yes, cloud consulting services can assist businesses in implementing security measures and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. This includes implementing security best practices, conducting risk assessments, and establishing governance frameworks tailored to specific business needs.
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