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Authenticity and community

Exceptional social media content fosters a genuine connection with your audience. Empower your community to start conversations and share content that will tell your story for you. 

Promotion of brand or business

Sales can never be 100% of the story on social media - but through clever, shareable content you can drive interaction, build relationships and create awareness of your brand without relying on paid advertising.

Creation and engagement

Produce relevant content that will resonate with your audience. Emotive storytelling is the key to true engagement, from scroll-stopping videos & animations to beautiful branded photography. 

What a campaign! Introducing Horlicks to a millennial audience was no easy task, but CTI utilised clever, social-first ideas to tap into online communities and position Horlicks as the new, must-have brand for young families. We’re ecstatic with the results and couldn’t ask for a better strategic partner.

How we can help you with your social media marketing

Strategy and Consultation

Whether you’re looking for weekly social trends, a lightweight audit on your current activity or a full channel activation strategy, our social media strategists can provide the expert knowledge you need to hit your goals.

Engaging Content

Our talented team aren’t just photographers and videographers - they’re social media obsessed. If you need a team with their finger on the pulse of social media trends to create content for your brand, we can help.

Community Building and Management

Bring your social media accounts to life with a dedicated team of social media managers. Let us strengthen customer loyalty and amplify the reach of your organic content through proactive conversations. 

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Which social media service do you need?

One-off Content Strategy and Creation

Is a one-off strategy or content creation project right for you? If any of these sound familiar, you would benefit from a one-off project…

  • I create social media content already, but the engagement is really low.
  • I don’t know what content I should be creating to engage my audience.
  • I am out of ideas for content, it’s getting stale.
  • I create content when I have the chance, but I don’t have a plan in place to ensure this content is contributing to my wider business goals.
  • I don’t understand which formats are correct for each platform - should my Reels be landscape or portrait? How long can a TikTok be?
  • I don’t have the resources available to create social media content.
  • I don’t currently utilise my content for multiple platforms and formats, such as paid media advertising.

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Retained Social Management

Is retained social management right for you? If any of these sound familiar, you would benefit from retained social management…

  • I don’t have the time to manage my social media channels.
  • I am overwhelmed with messages and comments, there’s not enough time in the day to answer them all.
  • I don’t have a regular posting schedule, I just post as and when I have content available.
  • I find it difficult to stay up to date with all the latest social media trends and how my brand can tap into these.
  • I never analyse my social media results and just create content I think will work.

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Social Media Services Costs

Stage 1 - Social Media Audit

Social Media Essentials Audit

Our team comprises digital professionals, encompassing social media analysts, influencer outreach specialists, and paid media performance marketers. We will thoroughly examine not only your current social communications but also the broader landscape within your industry to craft an all-encompassing analysis of your present performance. This is perfect to discover how to adjust your approach. 

Overview of an Essentials Audit

  • Current activity analysis: A deep dive into your current social media posts, engagement, and audience demographics to assess what's working and what needs improvement.
  • Performance analysis against brand objectives: Evaluating how well your social media efforts align with your brand's goals and KPIs to ensure you're on track for success.
  • Role of the social in your wider marketing strategy: Understanding how social media fits into your broader marketing strategy, ensuring it plays a crucial and effective role.
  • Future recommendations: Providing actionable insights and strategies for optimising your social media presence and achieving better results in the future.
From £2,625 +VAT
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360 Social Media Audit

The comprehensive analysis will combine the essentials audit with a deep analysis of how competitors are performing, the wider industry landscape and a comprehensive report with recommendations for future strategic direction. 

Overview of the 360 Social Media Audit:

  • Current activity analysis: A thorough examination of your present social media activities to assess their effectiveness.
  • Performance analysis against brand objectives: Evaluating how well your social media efforts align with your brand's specific goals and objectives.
  • Role of the social in your wider marketing strategy: Understanding the integration of social media within your broader marketing strategy.
  • Custom SWOT analysis: A tailored SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis highlighting key factors impacting your social media strategy.
  • Competitor analysis: A deep dive into how your competitors are performing on social media to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Industry landscape: Examining the broader industry context to help you position your brand effectively in the market.
  • Report and recommendations: Providing a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations to shape your future social media strategy.
From £3,750 +VAT
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Stage 2 - Social Media Services

One-off Content Strategy and Creation

Independently or working in collaboration with you, we will set or refine objectives, workshop ideas for social content, and ensure you have all the tools you need to successfully execute a bespoke social media strategy.

Perfect for: providing direction and inspiration for your in-house team

Overview of content strategy:

  • Platform activation plan: A plan outlining how to effectively launch or optimise your presence on social media platforms.
  • TOV guidance, content style and ideation: Clear guidance on your brand's tone of voice (TOV), content style, and creative ideas to enhance your social media content.
  • Social template tool: Providing you with practical templates and resources to streamline your content creation process.
Strategy from £3,500 +VAT | Workshop from £1,125 + VAT

Retained Social Management 

A monthly retained approach to deliver a reactive, agile solution to social media marketing. Covering all service deliverables, we will build a bespoke package of services tailored to your brand's needs.

Perfect for: providing additional resources to improve and grow your social media accounts.

Overview of our retained services include:

  • Platform activation plan: A plan to effectively launch or enhance your presence on social media platforms.
  • Trend reports: Regular reports to keep you updated on industry and social media trends.
  • Creative ideation: Generating fresh and engaging content ideas for your social media channels.
  • Content writing: Crafting compelling and relevant content for your social media posts.
  • Asset production: Creating visually appealing and sharable assets for your social media campaigns.
  • Channel management: Actively managing your social media channels to maintain engagement and growth.
  • Customer service: Providing responsive customer service and support through social media channels.
  • Strategic counsel: Offering strategic guidance to maximise the impact of your social media efforts.
  • Social media training: Training and guidance to empower your team in effectively handling social media tasks.
  • Reporting and recommendations: Regular reporting on performance metrics and actionable recommendations to enhance your social media strategy.
Subject to full scope | Monthly retainer from £2,250 +VAT

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Frequently asked questions

What platforms do you work on?

We’re experienced and familiar with all social media platforms, from Meta (Instagram, Facebook, Threads, Whatsapp) to TikTok, Twitter/X, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr and beyond. If you’re unsure which platforms are best for your brand, we’d recommend a social media audit.

What content formats do you offer?

Depending on your exact requirements, we craft content for all platforms and in all formats. Whether you need help creating interactive Instagram stories or long-form YouTube content, our team can deliver.

When can you start? 

We typically have a 2-week lead time for social media projects, but get in touch and we can discuss your timings and deadlines.

What’s the first step?

Let’s chat! Call us on 0161 713 2434, drop us an email on sales@ctidigital.com or use the form above to book a call. 

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