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Thoughts from the latest UKFast Round Table

eCommerce ecommerce show north security

I was asked by UKFast to join Jonathan Bowers for another one of his UKFast Round Tables. I’ve done a couple of these before and I like to jot a few notes down to crystallise my thinking around the subject. I’ve turned these into a blog post to share with you.

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CTI at eCommerce Show North 2017

Digital Marketing Web Development Magento eCommerce

The eCommerce Show North is the largest ever gathering of eCommerce companies outside of the capital, with over 2,400 visitors, vendors, and suppliers. We were one of 106 businesses proud to be exhibiting at the event that we think will become the ultimate eCommerce show in the North for years to come.

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Ecommerce Expo London 2017

Digital Marketing eCommerce AI Black Friday Subscription Commerce

eCommerce Expo London is an exciting event showcasing the best of "the now, the new and the not yet of eCommerce technology". This year the expo was boasting new theatres including the Conversion Optimisation Theatre, Payment & Fulfilment Theatre, Customer Insights Theatre, and The Lab so we decided to travel down and join the eCommerce conversation in London.

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CTI Digital at PHP NW

Drupal Web Development OpenSource PHP GDPR

On the last weekend in September 2017, I attended the PHPNW conference in Manchester on behalf of CTI Digital. This was something of a special occasion being the 10th anniversary of the conference, but also something of a sad one as it turned out to be the last conference for the foreseeable future.

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Data Protection & GDPR

GDPR Privacy data protection europe data security

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new directive which will come into force on 25th May 2018, superseding the 1995 Data Protection Directive. In a nutshell, GDPR harmonises the standards and creates a uniform data security law on all EU members. Besides EU member states being subject to GDPR, any company that markets goods or services to EU citizens also must adhere to the new regulation.

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Checkoutless Commerce

Digital Consultancy Web Development eCommerce

Our eCommerce Director, Ian Cassidy, gave a talk about Checkoutless Commerce at the eCommerce Show North in the Magento Theater on Wednesday 11th October.

Advances like Amazon's Alexa have revolutionalised online shopping. How long will it take before every business must adopt some sort of checkoutless commerce strategy. 

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CTI Digital Launches Magento 2 Cache Permissions Module

Magento github OpenSource


Today we have released an advanced cache permissions module which provides Magento Administrators with the ability to define which users in an organisation can both view and manage 'Cache Types' at a granular level. 

You can access the module via CTI Digital's GitHub account.

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Why do we need software testers?

QA Software testing

Despite working in Software Testing for over a decade, I'm still surprised by the number of times I am asked what a software tester is and why the role even exists. For me, it is the vital process of ensuring that the software being delivered meets the specific needs and expectations of the customer.

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Magento Launches - Magento Commerce Starter Edition

Magento e-commerce

Magento Commerce Starter Edition

Today we saw Magento announce a new variant to their Cloud Hosting Offering.
The following blog post covers everything you need to know about what changes are coming.

What's Changed?

The Magento Cloud Lineup will now consist of two product variations: 

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Magento 2.1.8 & The Power of Community Contribution


Magento 2.1.8

Today we saw Magento issue a new release (2.1.8) which is available for Magento Open Source (formally known as Community Edition) and Magento Commerce (formally known as Magento Enterprise).

The following article takes a closer look at this release, the improvements it provides before finishing up with instructions on how you can upgrade.

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