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A brand is the face of your company. It's what consumers put their trust in and it's what sets you apart. As such, a brand must be believable to both your consumers and your employees.

Before you can define and live your brand, you need to research its building blocks from vision to colour. We can help you craft a message and a style that translates across store, web, and marketing.


Brand Discovery Workshop

Our branding workshop helps us to get to know your brand and how you want your customers to perceive you. We conduct a competitor analysis and look into your market to see how we can help you stand out against the crowd.



We carefully pick typefaces that reflect your brand voice and visual styling. These fonts will be used throughout all of your brand collateral to give you a strong identity and make you instantly recognisable.


Brand Idendtity Design image


We develop a colour palette for both online and offline use that forms the basis of your visual style. We pay close attention to colour theory when making choices to help you to engage with your customers on a higher level.

RIght Side Gardient edge brand identity design


What story would you like to tell? What mood would you like to convey? These are some of the questions we ask when considering how to build an image library to use across all of your brand material.

online packages

Online Packages

We approach brands with a digital-first perspective, creating logos that adapt to different screen sizes for a variety of online touch-points. We’ll include social profile designs, email newsletters and an affiliate advertising graphics chest for all online material.



Offline Packages

It’s important that your brand exists on paper and so we also offer an offline package. This includes print-ready business cards, letterheads, brochures, packaging and even exhibition stands.


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