A clear process.

No matter where your organisation is in its data maturity, our team of specialists can guide you to success. Our services include:

  • Measurement framework development

  • Analytics set-up and customisation

  • Analytics Training

  • Data Centralisation & Digital Data Warehousing

  • Data visualisation to help your organisation 'see' actionable insights

Developing a solid measurement framework

Regardless of the analytics platform you choose - Google Analytics 4, Adobe Analytics or privacy centric alternatives, everything starts with a clear measurement framework that reflects your organisation's objectives. 

Our experts will guide you through this process to ensure your customised framework is harmonised with your organisational goals and KPIs. We get to know your organisation and develop a clear, structured and documented plan.

An effective measurement framework is the foundation of success. 


Setup and customisation

We'll advise you on the optimum analytics platform for your organisation's requirements. In many cases this will be Google Analytics 4 but we'll also take you through the various alternatives, including Adobe Analytics and other privacy centric platforms. 

Working with your measurement framework, we create a customised installation to accurately track every detail of visitor interactions. We also provide consultancy on GDPR and other privacy legislation. 

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Training & Support

Professional training is key to ensure that all your team has a clear understanding of not only the measurement framework but also your chosen analytics tools. Training can be delivered online or on your premises. Our training courses include; Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager and Data Visualisation with Looker Studio. Training is suitable for teams and individuals. 


Data Centralisation

In the digital age, accessing and managing multiple data sources can be daunting. Our Data Centralisation and Data Warehousing service simplifies this process, offering a seamless solution for integrating your data into a single, efficient platform. By consolidating disparate data sources, we enhance data accessibility and consistency, enabling your team to make informed decisions quickly. Our service not only saves time but also improves data quality, reducing errors and discrepancies.

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Data Visualisation

With professional data visualisation your organisation can rapidly explore and 'see' actionable insights. Our team has a wealth of experience in bringing data to life - from digital data to visualisation of jet flight paths!

We design visualisations with a clear understanding of both your requirements and your target audience. 


Frequently asked questions

Do you audit existing analytics installations?

Many organisations already have an analytics installation. In some cases this may not performing as desired and there might be a 'loss of faith' due to questionable data. We can audit your existing platform, validate it and make suggestions for further improvement.

Do you offer online training courses?

Yes. Training can be delivered over a web call with multiple participants or face-to-face on your premises. Client's have rated our analytics training courses at 4.8/5 for both content and delivery. Our training courses include; Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager and Data Visualisation with Looker Studio

Do you offer an introductory analytics audit?

Yes. For prospective clients we are happy to provide a simplified audit of your existing set-up and make key recommendations.

Our online data is from many different sources, with various passwords, can it be organised for easy access?

Yes. We can perform a Data Centralisation Audit on all your key digital data sources (paid, email, seo, social, ecommerce and analytics). From this point we create a digital data warehouse (normally within 3 months). This allows for rapid, centralised access to all your data. Moving your organisation from everything everywhere, to everything in one place.