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We always aim to be the change we want to see in the world, and working with charities brings that ideal within reach.

Security and performance are essential for third sector websites, as they strive to be there for people when they need it most. These websites also need to be equipped to handle sudden huge demand during giving seasons and large scale campaigns.

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War Child UK

War Child UK is a charity that supports the future and wellbeing of children living through the damaging reality of some of the world's most dangerous war zones. Providing safe spaces, access to education, skills training and much more, they ensure that children’s lives are not torn apart by war. War Child UK came to us with a mission: to get a new site live in time for Christmas. We calculated that after planning we could have one three week sprint before we had to deploy to live.

The former War Child UK site wasn’t responsive, so the charity feared missing donations from supporters on mobile and tablet devices. They also wanted a bold new design, focused on imagery, aiming to create empathy and achieve the highest possible impact. The final decision was to build and launch a Minimum Marketable Product (MMP). It had to be a polished product, that would serve them during one of their busiest periods, without a loss of critical functions, such as donations. An MMP achieves the earliest possible route to market and, within the tight initial deadline, this approach was right; we have since added a series of additional features.

War Child Results

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Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare and one of the UK’s biggest charities. Since 1852, GOSH has been using state of the art technology to save children’s lives- so it was time that their online presence matched this. We concluded that GOSH needed a single harmonised platform. Migrating multiple sites to Drupal, we were able to introduce scalable architecture, with an infrastructure able to cope with sudden spikes in traffic levels.

Following an interruption-free migration, we delivered a flexible content structure, that is easy to access and easy to maintain. By integrating the charity’s many microsites into the code-base of the two larger sites, we streamlined the system, to reduce costs and to make it easier to introduce new features. GOSH are no longer constrained by their CMS. Instead, visitors are rapidly funneled to pages designed for their specific needs. GOSH’s online presence is now comprised of a living series of sites, where stakeholders have regained control and are able to adapt the content regularly.  

GOSH Results

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Royal College of Occupational Therapists

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) sets professional standards, provides support, promotes and protects the interests of occupational therapists, amongst policy makers and commissioners. The client was looking to build upon its current successes, aiming to deliver a personalised service to members. Through a clear understanding of the needs of members and stakeholders alike, we were able to define a vision for RCOT's digital future, and shape a roadmap of digital products and services.

With user experience at the forefront, we allowed members to access everything they might need in one place. Extensive content was refreshed and fitted alongside an intelligent navigation and search system, to allow users to reach the latest information in an easy-to-consume format.

RCOT Results

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