We use a range of testing services to ensure your project is bug free.

Functional testing

Having worked closely with our customers to capture their business requirements, we perform functional tests on any customer deliverables to ensure that we are delivering a quality product that meets the customer’s needs and that is as bug-free as possible.

Once we have completed our functional tests, we will continue to support the customer through user acceptance testing up until their product goes live.

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Compatibility testing

We perform compatibility tests to ensure that your product will work on a wide range of operating systems and browsers regardless of how visitors have reached your site.

At CTI, we have our own very own Test Device Lab which contains the most commonly used mobile devices and tablets according to web analytics services. We keep an eye on the latest trends and will regularly update the lab to ensure that we have a broad and up-to-date selection.

Accessibility testing

There are various accessibility guidelines (one of the most common being the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards provided by W3C.org). These standards promote website accessibility and usability for the widest range of users regardless of abilities.

CTI recognise the importance of accessibility testing and will make every effort to fulfil any customer required accessibility levels.

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