We'll help you to...

Understand your users

Whether you’re trying to find a product–market fit or developing an online service that makes a complex task simple. Understanding your users’ thoughts, motivations, pain-points and behaviour is essential to your success.

Use uncertainty to your advantage

Creating a new digital product or service means there is inherent uncertainty — after all, it’s never been done before. We can help you quickly discount the bad solutions so you can find the best way to deliver your vision. Investing in the best idea, rather than just the first one.

Ensure your solution works for your users

Whether your users are able and willing to use your product or service is crucial to its success. Regular user research allows you to pivot early if you’re heading in the wrong direction and make those small changes that compound to create delightful experiences.

Augment your team

Whether you need more capacity or a wider range of skills, we love to collaborate with your team to help you deliver more. We can bring a range of capabilities to your team, along with a fresh perspective that comes from working with clients in diverse sectors.

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Product Strategy

Our team can see the bigger picture within complex and uncertain environments. The success of a product begins with a good strategy that enables you to focus your energy on a few pivotal objectives that will lead to a cascade of favourable outcomes.

  • Product vision & definition
  • Competitor analysis
  • Roadmap creation
  • Lean & agile consultation
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User Research & Insight

Great products and services come from a deep understanding of the people who use them. At CTI, we help you gain a clear view of who your users are so that you can realign yourself around your users. Whether it’s to inform your strategy, iterate to find the right solution, make incremental improvements or answer a specific question — knowing and not guessing makes sure people will actually use your product or service.

  • Focus groups and user interviews
  • Quantitative and qualitative surveys
  • Information architecture research
  • Remote and lab-based usability testing
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Service Design

Delivering digital services that meet your user’s needs involves a complex set of systems that all have to interact: multiple channels of user interaction, various technologies, teams of people and complex business processes. When all of these things are working in tandem and focused on meeting the user's needs, your users get the optimal experience.

  • Business process discovery
  • Systems thinking & design
  • Service blueprinting
  • Design facilitation
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Concept & Prototype Creation

At CTI, whenever we plan a prototype, the first question we ask ourselves is “what is the quickest way we can bring this idea to life?”. This allows us to learn from seeing your users interact with the prototype early in the lifecycle of the product or service — before you’ve made any significant investment. This also helps to create early momentum around your vision; making it more tangible for your team and stakeholders.

  • Interaction design
  • Clickable wireframes
  • Rapid HTML prototyping
  • Proof-of-concept development 
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Iterative Delivery

An iterative delivery requires a very different mindset to more linear project delivery methods. We use ongoing prototype and test cycles to make measurable improvements to your product or service. This means we’re not just working incrementally towards a predefined point, but instead shifting course and adapting as we learn.

  • Project delivery strategy
  • Product management 
  • Agile consultancy & transformation
  • Delivery management

Let’s work together

Articulate a clear product vision

We’ll help you better define and articulate your product vision, bringing a fresh and new perspective.

1 day | £1k - £5k

Rapid prototyping sprint

We will co-design a prototype solution to a challenging problem and test it in retail time with real users.

1 week | £5-30k

Full product or service delivery

We’ll assemble the right team to compliment your in-house skills and deliver as many build-test cycles as needed.

1 month+ | £30k+

We can help you find the right way to buy our digital services.

We’re on many different procurement frameworks, including:

Digital Product & Service Design
  • Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 & 6
  • G-Cloud 12 & 13
  • Technology Services 3