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At CTI, we work on enterprise projects, each with its own unique requirements. We don't just take the challenge at hand, we find the underlying issues and create solutions that solve today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow's needs.

Our UX team also loves Kentico Xperience when meeting your experience needs.

Our experts work with Kentico because it’s ideal for these challenges. As a headless CMS, Kentico Kontent lets us create enriched, extraordinary experiences designed with modern users in mind. Critical to our service is:

We build with quality at the heart of everything we do:


ISO 9001:2015


Cyber Essentials


DOS Suppliers


ITIL Certified


Certified Testers


Kentico Partners


An organisation that has really considered and invested in supporting the process of delivery. Established, cohesive, utterly competent, and above all, extremely well managed.

Andrew Thompson - Kent Commercial Services

Headless Kentico for omnichannel excellence

We utilise Kontent’s headless nature and open API to create a truly omni-channel experience.

We’ve known for a while that users research on their phones but make larger conversions on desktop. But times have moved on. From dynamic displays to smartwatches, through a fast Content Delivery API we build Kentico to work with any front-end framework.

As a headless cloud solution, Kontent also makes data networks more secure than non-headless ready methods, and it removes any disruption when upgrading systems. All of this combined creates a superior user experience with Kontent and CTI.


Content management for enterprise

Our content strategists and developers set up Kontent to take you through the whole content management process, starting with performance insights and calendar.

Kontent also provides publishing tools, so you can collaborate in articles, control who is allowed to publish content, and which channels the content is published on.

Utilising Kontent’s API, we’ll help you to use Kontent to personalise experiences. You’ll be able to deliver content based on localised experiences, behaviour, browsing history, device, or even known psychographics or demographics from your CRM.

Finally, our CRO team can help you optimise your content to help delight your users and achieve business goals. 


Efficient front-end design 

With any front-end solution, we design in a modular approach, creating reusable and flexible modules, that allow you to control your site without a developer. Reusable modules are also essential when designing for multiple front-ends where maintenance and costs can quickly skyrocket.

We are creative in our approach to design and working with Kentico Kontent is another step towards making sites with form and function.

Individually, we are thinkers, planners and doers. Together, we are the creators of extraordinary digital experiences.

Our expert team of Kentico strategists, developers and designers design and build extraordinary digital experiences for the people who use them.

For organisations including Membership, Publishing, Higher Education, Medical and Corporate, we use Kentico to solve real business challenges.

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