Evaluate and benchmark your customer experience (CX) with our 360 degree CX audit for Fintech businesses

We work with digital-first banks, trading platforms and finance subscriptions services to improve customer experience and enhance acquisition. 

Reveal the good, the bad and the ugly with your Fintech product or service’s customer experience

Our process reveals what users think and feel about their experience with you

We gather CX data using a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies which reveal deep insight into behaviour, thoughts and feelings around your customer experience.

We’ll benchmark you against your 3 main competitors

Find out what users think of the competition and where there are opportunities to improve your CX to win and retain more customers.

Learn why your customers buy your product or service to enhance your value proposition

We all think we know why people buy from us but it’s often not entirely accurate. By analysing the real reasons, we can make our value proposition more user-centric and compelling.

CTI are excellent strategic digital partners and have helped us entirely redesign our core customer journeys as well as the tech infrastructure that sits behind them.

What happens when we don’t get CX in Fintech right?

Word of mouth works against us

While customers remember good experiences, they remember and share bad experiences. If you’re considering buying and you read a review or social comment saying someone left you because they had a mediocre experience, this message contributes to that person’s buying decision.

Acquisition is hard; retention is harder

Brands are built on retention and repeat business. Acquisition can be costly and so to grow we have to maximise customer lifetime value. We have to ensure we’re providing a great experience which is aligned to our customers’ needs and is better than our competitors.

Bad CX costs more long term than good CX 

If you think providing a great customer experience is pricey, try providing a bad one. Handling calls from unhappy customers, rebuilding a damaged reputation, and increasing marketing spend because customer lifetime value is shrinking, all cost more than just having a great experience in the first place.  

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How does a CX audit for Fintech businesses work?

Stage 1 - Research & Analysis

We start with a workshop with you so we can understand your business, where you’re at and your objectives.

From here we start to plan our research and analysis. We need to decide who we want to talk to, what we need to ask them and how we’re going to find the right participants to get the unbiased perspective we want. 

We can’t just talk to current customers or we get survivorship bias where the perspectives we get are only those of the ‘surviving’ customers. We need to understand the ones who either left or could be customers and aren’t.

We then execute our research and analysis using all the sources of data we have identified in the research planning phase.

Stage 2 - CX Insight Report

We gather all the insight together and categorise it into logical areas of opportunity and theme.

We put all our findings with examples of the evidence for the findings into a report. 

It’s the good, the bad and the ugly of your customer experience and it’s a brilliant collection of data-driven CX insight that can be used to define your CX improvement and optimisation strategy. 

Stage 3 - Prioritised Recommendations

Once we have shared the CX Insight Report with you and talked you through it, we then take all our recommendations and use our own prioritisation framework to assign a prioritisation score to the changes.

This is based on the cost, time and effort it will take to make each change, the number of customers that would be impacted and the expected benefit. This is the start of your CX improvement plan.

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Real Impact - Our Case Studies

Why work with CTI Digital?

Strategy & Innovation

Quick start on the CX audit - typically started within 2 weeks of contract signing

We can usually start our CX audits within 2 weeks of signing a contract meaning you won’t have to wait months to see some progress.

Strategy & Innovation

We’re a trusted partner - many clients have been with us for 5+ years or more

We provide value beyond CX services by creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. We invest in your success and we care about your business.

Strategy & Innovation

Large team with CX, UX, digital experts and project managers

We have over 220 people in the agency so we can pull in design, marketing and technical expertise. You get a holistic perspective on what we need to do to be successful, not just the CX angle.

Strategy & Innovation

Backed by Lloyds Banking Group who invested £25m 2 years ago

It’s not just us who believes our unique process is amazing, Lloyds Banking Group saw our potential and invested in the agency 2 years ago to fuel our growth. 

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CX Audit for Fintech Costs

Choose an audit

We offer an Essentials and 360 CX Audit for Fintech

Essentials CX Audit for Fintech

Our Essentials CX Audit for Fintech is great for start-up businesses and small businesses that don’t have massive numbers of customers or data we can analyse.

Included in the Essentials CX Audit for Fintech:

  • Google Analytics data analysis
  • Workshop to understand project objectives, business needs and team ambition
  • 15 x interviews with customers, potential customers, and former customers
  • Essentials CX Audit for Fintech Insight report with prioritised recommendations
From £8,650 + VAT
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360 CX Audit for Fintech

Our 360 CX Audit for Fintech is designed for larger or more established businesses that have more customers and therefore more data for us to analyse and participants for us to talk to.

Included in our 360 CX Audit for Fintech:

  • Google Analytics data analysis
  • Workshop to understand project objectives, business needs and team ambition
  • Qualitative research with customers, potential customers, and former customers
  • Quantitative research with staff and customers, potential customers, and former customers
  • 360 CX Audit for Fintech Insight report with prioritised recommendations


From £19,950 + VAT
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Talk to a CX in Fintech expert

You can call or email us, or book a 30-minute session with one of our friendly team of experts and we’ll help you to get your CX improvement project started. 

We're available to talk Monday - Friday between 9am and 5.30pm (excluding UK public holidays)

Or book a virtual meeting at a time that suits you:

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a CX audit?

Providing a continually evolving, positive customer experience is central to your organisation’s growth. 

Without this, customer retention will be harder and your customer lifetime value will be diminished. This means you have less money for marketing and less profit, both of these things impede your ability to grow.

How long does the CX audit take?

The Essentials CX Audit for Fintech takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.

The 360 CX Audit for Fintech takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

Both of these audit timescales are dependent on the availability of your team and the participants we want to use in our research. 

What will you need from the organisation to complete your CX audit?

We have an initial workshop so we need 2 hours of the primary stakeholders’ time for that. 

We will usually need you to help us find participants for our research which is usually done by adding something to your website or sending an email or two to your email database asking for volunteers (incentivised).

Then we will need some time from primary stakeholders once we have our Insight Report ready as we like to present that on a video call or meeting in our Manchester office, usually 2 hours.

Unlock customer experiences that matter. Contact our CX team today and get a tailored plan to meet your objectives with costs.