Data management and reporting experts

Since 2003, we’ve been creatively shaping the way organisations access and utilise their data. From paint sales dashboards to Naval solutions, we help organisations accurately collect, analyse, and use their data.

As cookie and data privacy laws tighten, correctly managing your data has become imperative. We can help you govern your user’s privacy as well as:

  • GDPR and data protection
  • Analytics and Tag Manager implementation and audits
  • Primary data collection (Heatmaps, surveys, administrative)
  • Data warehouse and storage
  • Data mining and visualisation
  • Strategic and business model applications for data

I have particularly appreciated [CTI's] can-do attitude to dealing with challenges. Their expertise was hugely valuable when creating enhanced reporting during the year. Little Greene feels in very good hands working with CTI Marketing.’

Steve McNamara - Ecommerce Manager - Little Greene Paint


Website analytics

Web estates have become a crucial tool for businesses around the globe, but they hold a volume of data that can be difficult to comprehend.

We’ll help you properly install and continually audit your data layer and business intelligence (BI) software to give you reliable access to an accurate picture of your data.

We can also help you implement a Digital Measurement Framework to capture and analyse meaningful data and KPIs that reveal more about your business and where it is going.

Streamlined 8-page full-business view for Hill Dickinson

As operations scaled, it became challenging to gain a full picture for decision making. We condensed the essential marketing KPIs and decision influencing metrics into 8 easy to consume dashboards for pro-active decision making that keeps Hill Dickinson ahead of the curve. 

Ecommerce analytics

In today’s notification-filled world, every purchase matters. We can audit your BI solution to ensure you’re collecting the data that matters, and more importantly, that it is accurate.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Sales and transaction tracking
  • Macro and Micro interaction tracking
  • Pixels and 3rd-party tracking
  • Attribution and Lifetime Value (LTV) calculations
  • Cart abandonment monitoring
  • Data-driven growth consultancy

Revealing hidden interactions for Little Greene

By implementing Google Tag Manager with Magento, we opened up a new world of micro-interaction tracking for Little Greene. Plugged into an interactive dashboard, we power their marketing team with clear purchasing journeys and unpredicted user habits.


Applications of data

“Data is the new oil” and we’re here to help you access it. Our digital strategy experts evaluate your existing business to find new revenue opportunities or cost-saving initiatives through data.

A life-saving Navy boat launch dashboard

Working with carefully selected data experts, we designed a living dashboard and style guide to present critical data such as food, people, and supplies before setting off to sea.

20-minute crawl to replace 2 weeks of research

The British Council records data from over 165,000 schools. Gathering insights could take up to 2 weeks. We created a bespoke data warehouse that streamlined this task into a 20 minute automated crawl.

Individually, we are thinkers, planners and doers. Together, we are the creators of extraordinary digital experiences.

Paul Culshaw

Our expert team of Marketers, Strategists, and Developers can engineer analytics and data solutions that work for your unique organisation.

From Google Data Studios to enterprise Data Warehouse solutions. We will give you the visibility that counts. 

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