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The making of Drupal 8

5 years in the making, Drupal 8 sets new standards for ease of use whilst offering countless new ways to build and power impressive and elegant websites. Under the hood Drupal 8 is very different to previous versions. Drupal has been rewritten to adopt industry standards and object oriented development practices.

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Drupal redefined

Drupal 8 is a powerful new suite of tools for you to use to your advantage. When choosing your CMS, choose Drupal 8 for simpler, faster, more powerful management with accessibility for everyone.

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Opensource technology

As digital innovation accelerates it’s crucial to select a platform which can adapt and change. Drupal 8’s architecture is designed for frictionless innovation. With freedom to adopt emerging or yet to be imagined practices, you are assured the ability to stay ahead. Naturally, it’s Open Source.

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Secure and stable

With a global community base committed to the product’s development and evolution, Drupal rivals the levels of stability and support offered by enterprise vendors, without the enterprise price tag. Furthermore, it is by its very nature highly extendible, offering seamless integration with third-party solutions and a huge range of modules.

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Easily manage all of your content

Drupal provides a solid, easy-to-use content management interface, allowing non-technical content authors and site administrators to manage and update the site. The flexibility front end layer allows you to create visually engaging content presenting to multiple audiences across a proliferation of devices.

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“Open source software like Drupal strips away barriers to innovative development. Previously, license arrangements prevented us from innovating”

David Munn, Head of Information Technology at Greater London Authority