Learn about actionable data strategies for compliance and growth that will help you navigate regulatory and technological changes.

In today's digital landscape, many companies are grappling with the complexities of privacy regulations, the essential business need for customer data, and how to visualise it effectively. Without effective management of cookies, you could be losing a staggering 30-40% of valuable customer data! But fear not, because there are solutions.

Join us on Thursday 14th March from 11am-12pm for an informative webinar hosted by CTI Digital's Digital Analytics Manager, Steve Whiteley, as he unravels the complexities surrounding privacy regulations, the deprecation of third-party cookies, and the impact these changes have on data management and GDPR compliance. He will also explore the benefits of data centralisation and visualisation for faster data-informed decision making.

From privacy regulations to data centralisation and AI-driven insights, our agenda is packed with actionable takeaways to help you navigate legislative and technological changes.

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Meet the speaker

Steve Whiteley - Digital Analytics Manager @ CTI Digital

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Who should attend?

Marketers, Compliance Officers, Data Analysts, and C-Suite Leaders grappling with GDPR compliance, data management, and the challenges of navigating data complexities. If you're seeking actionable strategies to optimise data utilisation, streamline compliance efforts, and drive informed decision-making, this webinar is tailored for you.

Key takeaways

  • Privacy Regulations & the Deprecation of Third-party Cookies: Learn how to leverage first-party data and navigate the changing landscape of privacy regulations.

  • GDPR Mitigation: Understand practical solutions, including Google Consent Mode, Enhanced Conversions, and Google Signals, to ensure GDPR compliance without sacrificing growth.

  • Data Centralisation: Uncover the benefits of data centralisation and how it can improve your business operations.

  • Data Visualisation & AI: Explore real-world examples of data visualisation and AI-driven insights to unlock the full potential of your data assets.


Thursday 14th March, 11am – 12pm


Online Webinar via Zoom


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