Hear the latest digital-focused achievements, best practice insight and advice on key digital topic areas for membership organisations.

As the UK’s largest digital-focused membership conference and exhibition, Digital Excellence, hosted by MemberWise, is a pivotal event for businesses looking to elevate their digital presence, exchange insights and create vital connections within the Membership & Association Sector. As proud partners of Memberwise and event sponsors, we can’t wait to get stuck in. 

Join us at the conference as we host a fireside chat with Chester Zoo from 2:50 - 3:20 PM. The chat will be hosted by our Strategy & Experience Director, Matt Smith, and Helen Dean, Head of Marketing, Admissions & Memberships at Chester Zoo. 

Both will discuss how technology can enhance customer experiences and explore the challenge of evaluating an existing, complex tech system. 

Their expert insights will also cover:

  • how to find a balance between immediate business needs and long-term transformation.

  • how our collaborative approach enabled us to identify effective platforms and make technology decisions to meet the ambitious goals of Chester Zoo. 

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Meet the speakers

Matt Smith

Matt Smith - Strategy & Experience Director @ CTI Digital

Helen Dean Head of Marketing, Admissions and Memberships @Chester Zoo


Helen Dean - Head of Marketing, Admissions and Memberships @Chester Zoo



Who should attend?

Membership and association professionals seeking guidance on elevating customer experience, navigating complex tech systems, and balancing long-term success and immediate business needs. This fireside chat presents the perfect opportunity to learn from our industry experts and discover the transformative impact of our partnership with Chester Zoo on their organisational success. 

Key takeaways

  • Harnessing Technology: Understand how to leverage technology to strengthen your customer experience.

  • Navigate Complex Tech: Gain insight into effectively accessing and managing a complex legacy technology stack to drive organisational efficiency.

  • Strategic Balance: Learn how to balance immediate commercial needs with long-term vision to drive transformative change and growth.

  • Platform Integration: Discover approaches for identifying and integrating interconnected platforms to streamline operations and define clearer membership responsibilities across overlapping systems. 


Thursday 16th May 2024


Novotel Hammersmith, London