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Supporting cultural development across 9 global regions

The application process and internal application processing for the International School Award, an online accreditation scheme for UK and international schools, had become cumbersome, dependent on legacy systems and difficult to maintain. Its replacement needed to resolve existing support issues and ensure its replacement would not encounter the same problems down the line.


British Council ISA website

Initially CTI carried out a comprehensive code review for us, we were impressed with the results and the detail they went into. They assessed our existing code base against what appeared to be the highest standards in Drupal coding and made imperative suggestions for improvements.
Stephen Hull, Account Manager, Connecting Classrooms British Council


month Build

to complete the project from end-to-end


cups of coffee

1,452 cups of coffee were consumed during the design and build.



website supports 9 regions.



supporting 80 years of cultural relations.

Key Processes

Built using Drupal

We recommended migrating the platform to Drupal 7, a decision which allowed us reduce the costs of future development and integrations, and provide the support, security and longevity to ‘future proof’ their investment.

Streamlining Systems

Stages of the application review process were automated, the user experience for administrators and schools was improved, and reporting tools were built into Drupal.

Helping cost reduction

The approach to application modularity and reusability has already helped reduce costs on two subsequent projects: British Council Grants and Ambassadors.

Focus on efficiency

The automation of steps in application processing and improved user experience achieved significant human resource efficiencies.

The results

British Council Schools Online Website

Now you've read about it, why not check out the results for yourself?

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