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Stronger Together In Digital: A Multi Site Migration

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About the Client

The Jackson Lees Group is an award-winning, forward-thinking law firm in the North West with one common mission: to make a positive difference through the practice of law. The Group incorporates the trading styles Jackson Lees and Broudie Jackson Canter, along with the charitable arm - the Jackson Lees Foundation.

The Group were formed when Liverpool practice Jackson Canter Ltd acquired Wirral based Lees Solicitors LLP, and incorporated the firm into a larger-scale business.

The Group chose to launch a new trading style “Jackson Lees” and retain “Broudie Jackson Canter” as they provide specialist legal services to different audiences. Broudie Jackson Canter is an established name in the Merseyside area, due to its work on high-profile cases, like the Hillsborough Inquiry.

Jackson Canter were formerly a panel member of Quality Solicitors, a marketing collective of legal practices across England & Wales.

Business Challenge

Formerly a member of QualitySolicitors, operating under a subdirectory, Jackson Lees had grown and developed into their own notable group. Following the acquisition of Lees Solicitors, the Jackson Lees Group consisted of four different websites, now all directing to the new website:

The firm had decided that it was time to completely sever ties with QualitySolicitors, meaning that an entirely new website would be required, as the Jackson Canter and Broudie sites both operated on the QS Content Management System.

CTI would build a new website in Drupal 8, which would incorporate all four websites. With this decision to rebrand, in July 2017, Jackson Lees’ aim was to combine the authority of four established websites and trim down the content to only include relevant, highly converting pages. This required extensive SEO consultation, as well as development resources to ensure a successful build and launch. We built a site which is optimised to see traffic and goal levels surpass those of the former websites.

Drupal Site Build

The former four websites had been established for a number of years and had therefore built search engine trust and authority, proving that these were valuable sites which should rank appropriately.

When a new website is built, it is usually a case of migrating the existing content over. However, in this instance, we were merging four websites into one, on a completely new domain with a new URL structure. Therefore maintaining organic visibility whilst providing an effective Drupal CMS was essential.

Auditing & Content Mapping

All four historic websites were audited and analysed in order to best determine how to merge established brands and websites onto just one domain: jacksonlees.co.uk

The audit collected user and conversion metrics of all pages across the sites, in order to determine which were the best-performing pages and sections. As there were multiple pages existing for the same services, the content for the top performing pages was identified for migration. All other pages were to be redirected to the most relevant page on the new site.

This content mapping allowed us to assist users and search engines in accessing the new site’s pages and help to inform where this content has moved.

MockUp 5 Blue

Optimised Content

Although it is important to detail the vast array of services available, we trimmed the content considerably, to include strictly relevant and high converting pages. Thousands of redirects were applied to four domains, pointing to a new domain of under 300 pages.

In order to further clarify the website navigation and structure, we determined that Jackson Canter, Lees and Lees Medical would combine into Jackson Lees, as they offer the same services. These services would all sit under the Jackson Lees taxonomy terms, whereas Broudie Jackson Canter would remain a separate brand, existing as a subfolder on the Jackson Lees domain: https://www.jacksonlees.co.uk/broudiejacksoncanter

Keeping this brand separate enables a user to reach the appropriate services, without information overload.

Futureproof Flexibility

Connecting separate subfolder brands under the same domain allowed us to futureproof the site, allowing logical locations and structure for any further acquisitions. The infrastructure can be easily built upon, including further brands if required in the future. Jackson Lees can continue to grow, without the fear of facing another large-scale digital migration or merger.

Future Proof

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

All of our projects undergo rigorous testing, throughout the software development process. In order to deliver the utmost quality for clients and their respective users, our in-house QA team ensure that all end products perform accurately and reliably under normal and abnormal conditions. Testing is followed by continual monitoring of software performance, to prevent reoccurrence of any issues and to ensure efficient ongoing operation.

As such, we were able to confidently deliver a well-designed, scalable and technically stable result.

QA testing


Once the new domain had been fully indexed, we soon saw a significant increase in traffic, with January 2016 recording the most organic traffic had ever received – a 29% increase from Jan 2015. New organic traffic records were set 7 times in the following 10 months.

By combining the authority of four established websites and trimming down the content to only include relevant, highly converting pages, we have built a best practice website which is optimised to see traffic and goal levels surpass the former websites in the coming year. The inbuilt flexibility of the mould caters for further potential growth and change in the future.

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In addition to the site build, we delivered two visibility campaigns for Jackson Lees. You can also read about our Paid Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation work for the organisation.