Combining Magento and Marketing to match offline success in the digital sphere

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About the Client

Little Greene is an independent manufacturer and supplier of luxury paints and wallpapers; they sell directly to the public, online and in-store, as well as via selected retailers.

Based in the UK, Little Greene remain committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of premium decorative paints and wallpapers. Their colours and designs are inspired by and created in collaboration with the National Trust.

Business Challenge

Having noticed a 20% increase in offline sales, through stockists such as John Lewis or a range of independent decorating suppliers and galleries, Little Greene wanted their online sales to match or, ideally, to improve upon this uplift.

Therefore, the overall objectives of the campaign were to:

  • Improve the global operations of Little Greene’s e-commerce website.
  • Increase brand visibility and revenue from online sources.
  • Improve the user experience and customer journey.
  • Align Little Greene’s online presence with the level of quality that offline customers had come to expect.

To reflect their premium brand values, the client wanted to optimise their unusually long customer journey. It is important that customers feel appreciated and nurtured throughout each stage of their journey: from inspiration and consultation, through sampling and eventually to purchase.

Magento Build

The initial project was to design and build an e-commerce site to service the global operations of Little Greene, using the latest established version of Magento Community Edition: 1.8 (at the time…) This involved a data migration from their former digital estate, which combined a number of standalone websites. Using the Magento API, we ensured that all products, customers and order history would transfer efficiently, streamlining business operations by reducing the amount of administration required to service multiple platforms.

We also integrated with Little Greene’s in-house ERP system, to allow easy synchronisation of orders, price lists, samples and shipments from the website.

Adding multi-language capabilities and introducing a fresh, consistent look and feel, the newly integrated website ensures Little Greene is well positioned to capitalise on the ever-increasing quantity of e-commerce sales.

Unique Design

Our in-house creative team effectively translated Little Greene's branding into a striking, instantly recognisable final design. This branding is now continued through all aspects of Little Greene’s digital presence.

To maximise the aesthetics, the site was built with a fully responsive design with an informed content hierarchy, to provide an optimised browsing experience for all devices.

Little Greene Unique Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Following a detailed SEO audit of the Little Greene site, we implemented ongoing marketing improvements aimed at boosting the brand’s visibility in search rankings. We amended all on-page issues, particularly related to keywords and formatting focus, before expanding into more innovative tactics to optimise the site for search.

Defining key user stories enabled us to identify any missed opportunities in the site’s architecture. As such, we introduced two new landing pages, one for Paint, the other for Wallpaper, to target the separate markets for Little Greene’s leading products specifically. Not only do these pages simplify the user journey, but they also provide key content indicators for search.

Below we've a video case study of how we use SEMRush as a tool when it comes to SEO work with clients & in particular how this supported our project with Little Greene.

Blogger Outreach Campaign

Beyond the site itself, we initiated a Bloggers Campaign, incentivising the creation of quality content to provide valuable backlinks to the website, whilst boosting the brand profile. Seeking influential lifestyle and interior design bloggers to produce articles about the Little Greene for their own website represents a time-efficient and cost-effective means of producing a variety of content and a good quantity of backlinks.

Email Marketing

Little Greene EmailSetting up automated email campaigns is the latest marketing task to boost the brand’s engagement and nurture a positive user experience. Detailed ‘Welcome to Brand’ and follow up emails throughout the customer journey (e.g. after ordering a colour card, a sample pot or completing a purchase) are all aimed to ensure maximum consumer engagement.

Separating marketing communications by ‘Events’, ‘News and Launches’, ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Showrooms’, and translating them for each country that Little Greene operates in, Little Greene offer personalised and accessible marketing for all consumers.


Quality Assurance

All of our projects undergo rigorous testing, throughout the software development process. In order to deliver the utmost quality for clients and their respective users, our in-house QA team ensure that all end products perform accurately and reliably under normal and abnormal conditions. Testing is followed by continual monitoring of software performance, to prevent reoccurrence of any issues and to ensure efficient ongoing operation.

As such, we were able to confidently deliver a well-designed, scalable and technically stable result.


Little Greene were supplied with an e-commerce site capable of engaging users and translating the true value of their luxury products on screen. Colours and shades may look different on screen as opposed to in situ or in a showroom, so the relationship and trust built between retailer and consumer was a great achievement.

CTI has worked closely with the in-house marketing team at Little Greene throughout, in order to ensure the continuation of the brand and company ethos in all outputs. This collaborative approach has solidified a successful and trusting professional relationship. As such, CTI has been entrusted to take on the marketing and development for other Little Greene brands.

CTI Digital has been crucial to our online business. Based on the fantastic results we have seen we are now working with them across marketing and website development for one of our other brands.

Ruth Mottershead, Marketing Director at Little Greene

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