Unleash amazing content management with Umbraco 8

A year since it's release, Umbraco 8 has proven to be stable, innovative and the best version of Umbraco yet. The launch of Umbraco 8 brought in several critical updates to its feature set, security and speed, as well as a host of new editorial functions making it a popular choice for scaling organisations.

As Gold Umbraco partners, we work with growing organisations to move their data and content to Umbraco 8 in the most streamlined way possible. Supported by our champion strategists, UX designers, and marketers, we’ll help you arrive on Umbraco 8 ready to storm your market.



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Why upgrade to Umbraco 8

Compared to Umbraco 7, Umbraco 8 comes with a more innovate and optimised feature set including:

  • New content editor and features
  • Content and approval workflows
  • Enhanced Multilingual support
  • Muti-site capability
  • Enhanced security
  • Faster performance than U7
  • Better integration capabilities & improved API

Plus, integrating with Microsoft Dynamics365, Office365, Sharepoint, and other Microsoft tools is now possible for more businesses than ever before.


Top features in Umbraco 8

In addition to the speed, performance and security updates, Umbraco 8 introduced three game-changing features.

Enterprise Workflow Management

Create a managed workflow and empower all parts of your team to create, manage and approve content as well as maintain backups and rollback. 

Multilingual - out of the box

Umbraco 8 now comes with extensive multilingual content and editor capabilities out of the box. This even includes the ability to edit two pieces of content side by side!

Content Apps

Let data drive your content with Content Apps. Integrate Google Analytics into your content editor to help you write more valuable content.


Content and integration optimisation

All software upgrades require preparation and planning.

Content optimisation

Our content strategists will help you to further utilise the migration opportunity through the 3 Rs of content 'reuse, rewrite and retire', delivering your new site in the best shape of its life.

Integration maintenance

We'll also help you to consider existing plugins, modules and integrations with 3rd party systems to prepare an upgrade plan that boosts your end performance and capability.


Why CTI?

Umbraco 7 end of life

With the release of Umbraco 8, future Umbraco 7 releases will only concern security updates and critical bug fixes. Work and maintenance on innovative features and non-critical bug fixes have officially ended for Umbraco 7.

Umbraco 7 security and critical updates will continue until September 30th 2023. Get in touch if you'd like to understand more about the impact on your Umbraco 7 website.

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