Vendor selection for the modern-day business

Since 2003 we’ve worked with suppliers, vendors and platforms of every size and shape. Our experts take the time to understand your business, define your requirements and find the vendor, or combination, to achieve your goals.


Our Unique Approach

Our unique research framework reveals the network of challenges faced by your organisation. We use this outside view to define the ideal vendor for any goal, from increasing production capacity to reducing costs.

Our measured vendor selection approach starts with research. We understand, define, and prioritise your business requirements. Against which, we score potential vendors. Once selected we assess your available resources, and enable engagement within the organisation to help teams embrace the new opportunity.

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Stakeholder First Research

We engage with both internal and external stakeholders for a multifaceted viewpoint towards requirements. We involve stakeholders from the start through workshops and surveys.

This is the edge we needed to produce an output for The Royal Navy that solved multiple technical and user needs at once.

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Requirements and Scoring

Not all requirements are created equal. From our research, we identify hotspots of inefficiencies and themes to prioritise within vendor selection.

Vendors are then scored against organisationally relevant criteria; such as security, administrative UX, stability, and scalability.

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Resource and Engagement

Vendor selection is only as strong as its implementation. We work with your team to define the technical effort required to implement the solution. As well as the timeline, skills required, and the continued investment to ensure your investment sticks.

Once you’re ready to go we demonstrate and validate vendor take up with your wider team. Our experts will continue to consult and report on the solution to ensure you get the greatest return from day one.

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