Understanding what makes the office tick best for Bruntwood

About the Client

Bruntwood is committed to offering more than just outstanding office, coworking, retail and lab spaces. Everything they do is tied into their vision of building vibrant communities, whilst providing businesses with the support and expertise they need to grow. From exclusive events and networking opportunities to state-of-the-art facilities designed to put employee wellbeing first, there’s something to help every business thrive.

Quick Results

Business Challenge

Bruntwood came to us with the challenge of better understanding how their key segments of users interact with their website, what information they are looking for, and how they perceive the Bruntwood offering from looking at the website.

Our team was tasked with researching audiences within Bruntwood’s office, retail, SciTech, and meeting space areas of the business.

Quantitative Research

We first needed to understand what people are doing on the website to establish a baseline.

In order to gather a clear picture around how the different audiences behave on Bruntwood’s website and understanding what they do, we investigated Bruntwood’s tracking setup and created additional click events, as well as setting up heatmaps and session recordings so we could observe the journeys people take through the website, how far they get through the funnel, and where they leave, as well as understanding what content people see and how this impacts conversion rate.

Qualitative Research

After understanding what people are doing on the website, we then need to understand why they do it.
To get a clear picture around why people behave like they do, we analysed data from the following research methods:

  • User testing sessions
  • User feedback studies
  • On-site polls
  • Customer service team surveys
  • Existing customer surveys
  • Live chat analysis

From conducting this qualitative research, we gained a much better understanding of why people behaved like they did, along with lots of other insights to inform conversion-impacting changes on the website.

Testing MVPs

Rather than simply researching behaviour on the current website, we wanted to validate some of the ideas we had for ways to solve the problems on the website for Bruntwood’s different audiences. 

We did this by creating minimum viable prototypes (MVPs) and included them within our user feedback analysis to understand if our recommendations affected behaviour positively and would lead to a better user experience for people looking for Bruntwood spaces.

The reaction to the MVPs from the research was overwhelmingly positive and our ideas were validated, and we also picked up some constructive feedback on how to make the solutions even better.


Understanding stakeholders

We were also briefed to understand how certain groups of stakeholders use the website. We ran moderated interviews & user testing sessions to understand where the website was useful to stakeholders and where it could be improved to provide Bruntwood’s stakeholders with what they needed.

We found some common themes around needing more information about staff members, and also lack of further detail around Bruntwood’s key proposition areas.


As a result of our research on the Bruntwood website, we presented Bruntwood teams with a presentation containing our insights from the project, the evidence we found relating to each insight, alongside our recommended ways to solve the issues and improve conversion rate. In total, we presented Bruntwood with:

- 30 ‘quick wins’ to make right away to improve conversion rate
- 56 high priority changes that require design & validation
- 40 medium priority changes that require design & validation
- 11 lower priority changes that require design & validation