Over 50% of all visits via a mobile device

London Gatwick wanted a website to support their bid to be selected as the location for a new runway to service growth in London and the United Kingdom. To win the bid would give the airport a huge boost, leading to a certain increase in passenger numbers and revenue at the airport. 


London Gatwick Obviously website

We were very impressed with the way in which CTI handled this project. They fully understood our goals and have produced an impeccable design that we are confident will play an important role in the overall success of our campaign.
Carlene Peasley, Brand and Marketing Manager


month-on-month increase in visitors

a huge increase in visitors.


mobile device visits 

over 50% of all visits come from a mobile device showing the importance of a responsive design.


all new visitors

the site is attracting more new visitors.


runway campaign

Gatwick is bidding for a second runway.

Key Processes

Mobile first approach

Steps were taken to ensure that even the smallest, least capable device would have an optimised browsing experience whilst navigating the site.

Drupal flexibility

Drupal 7 was chosen as this ensured that we could get the site up and running quickly and also would allow for adjustments to be made easily at later dates.

3D parallax scrolling

The website design features 3D parallax scrolling to ensure that it is exciting, but also mindful of brand and audience.

Simple content management

The usability of the site was also an area where particular focus was placed, with the user interface being designed to allow content to be published quickly and easily.

Robust infastructure

As the nature of the project was very topical, the site was engineered from the outset to be able to support unprecedented and unpredictable levels of traffic, in case of flash media coverage causing huge increases in traffic to the site.

The results

London Gatwick Obviously

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