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About the Client

The Jackson Lees Group is an award-winning, forward-thinking law firm in the North West with one common mission: to make a positive difference through the practice of law. The Group incorporates the trading styles Jackson Lees and Broudie Jackson Canter, along with the charitable arm - the Jackson Lees Foundation.

The Group were formed when Liverpool practice Jackson Canter Ltd acquired Wirral based Lees Solicitors LLP, and incorporated the firm into a larger-scale business.

The Group chose to launch a new trading style “Jackson Lees” and retain “Broudie Jackson Canter” as they provide specialist legal services to different audiences. Broudie Jackson Canter is an established name in the Merseyside area, due to its work on high-profile cases, like the Hillsborough Inquiry.

Jackson Canter were formerly a panel member of Quality Solicitors, a marketing collective of legal practices across England & Wales.

Business Challenge

Merging four brands, undertaking a rebrand and launching a new website, Jackson Lees aimed to increase their visibility and lead generation using Paid Search Advertising. Once the site migration was complete and the new site was launched, we tackled the brief: to increase visibility on the new ‘Jackson Lees’ brand, whilst still engaging users searching for the former brands and informing them of the rebrand, as well as increasing the volume of leads generated through PPC.

We agreed on the KPIs we needed to achieve, using several metrics such as CPC, CTR, Conversions, Conversion Rate & Cost per Conversion, and we worked closely in conjunction with the Jackson Lees marketing team to design to build a new PPC account which meets business needs, is easy to manage and optimise, creates awareness on the rebrand and shows very strong Conversion Rates.

The project’s main goals were to achieve:

Brand Campaign

  • CTR - 21%
  • Av. CPC - £0.67
  • Conversions - 167
  • Conversion Rate - 4%
  • Cost per Conversion - £16


Generic Keyword Campaign

  • CTR - 1.34%
  • Av. CPC - £2.33
  • Conversions - 98C
  • Conversion Rate - 4%
  • Cost per Conversion - £55

Adwords: Brand Campaigns

In order to achieve the business objectives, increasing leads and enhancing rebrand recognition, we created a new AdWords account, for ease of management and the addition/removal of services with minimal friction.

The 4 brand campaigns we launched focused on:

  • ‘Jackson Lees’: to capture new searches which would appear following offline promotion for the rebrand.
  • ‘Jackson Canter’: as a popular, existing brand, we continued showing ads for this brand, to prevent losing potential customers to competitors. Adding the phrase ‘Now Jackson Lees’ in the H2 field informed potential customers of the rebrand.
  • ‘Lees Solicitors’: using insights from the previous account, we selected the best performing keywords and informed the public of the acquisition, whilst redirecting them to the new website.
  • ‘Broudie Jackson Canter’: focused on capturing the audience specifically seeking Criminal Law and Legal Aid services. Though volumes are low for this brand, these cases form an important part of the business.

Adwords: Generic Campaigns

Generic campaigns included relevant keywords, in Exact and Phrase match only, and geo-targeted the area where Jackson Lees operates. This made the most of the available budget, ensuring higher visibility at a local level, rather than targeting a wider area.

For Generics + Location, we created 5 campaigns, targeting generic keywords solely where Jackson Lees has offices: Liverpool, Birkenhead, Heswell, West Kirby and The Wirral. We strategically chose to geo-target these campaigns, rather than aiming nationally, generating more conversions at a lower cost.

Fresh, relevant copy

We created new ad copy, advertising ‘Now Jackson Lees’ and ensuring the services offered by Jackson Lees and Broudie Jackson Canter were differentiated.

In order to improve Click Through Rates, we focused on key selling messaging, such as ‘Award Winning’, ‘250+ Experts’ or ‘Full Service Law Firm’, whilst differentiating from other law firms by targeting emotional elements, with messages such as ‘With You All The Way’, ‘On your Side’ or ‘Here to Fight your Corner’, which aligned with new brand messaging.

Targeting the right customers

In order to ensure that the modest budget made the biggest impact, we targeted all advertising to reach only the right customers, in the right areas.

We added all appropriate ad extensions, such as Structured Snippets, and ensured call extensions were set, so searches triggered the phone number for the right branch.

We input bid adjustments, which included: creating an ad schedule, based on busiest times; device bid adjustments, due to high mobile traffic; audience adjustments, for existing users; and geo-targeting, specifying relevant branches for each location.


Following our targeted campaign, from the brand merger in July to December 2017, we exceeded our forecasts across both brand and generic campaigns. What’s more, all of this was achieved in line with a modest budget and whilst undergoing a large-scale rebrand.



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Improvement against Forecast













Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate


Cost per Conversion


Cost per Conversion