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About the Client

Right at Home is a multi-award winning homecare franchise with a network of 70 local offices around the UK. They offer a range of quality at-home care services, providing a trusted and friendly face to vulnerable adults and seniors. 

At the heart of everything they do are their four core values: Trust, Quality, Compassion and Respect. Right at Home always goes the extra mile, earning the highest Client recommendation scores of any national homecare provider.

Business Challenge

As the demand for at-home care grows ever larger, the homecare sector becomes more competitive. Beyond competing with external companies, Right at Home found itself battling for organic traffic with its own network of franchise offices.

Working with CTI Digital, Right at Home took on a full re-platform of their legacy website to build a foundation for each franchisee to gain better visibility in their territory. 

This project was about increasing visibility and building a web presence that accurately reflected the award-winning brand and its dedication to quality. 

Addressing Multiple Duplication Issues

How do you optimise for organic visibility when you operate over 70 websites, each with almost identical service offerings? You ask the experts.

Right at Home’s legacy website saw each franchise housed in a subfolder rather than on a separate site. As a result, Google viewed content for each franchise as duplicate content—the effect of widespread cannibalisation that decreased visibility in organic search.

We addressed this with a comprehensive optimisation project. Our content team assigned target keywords to every page and reworked the copywriting to create unique, valuable, and reader-friendly content. 

We needed to maintain brand consistency whilst avoiding duplication. We supported the network by providing franchise owners with content templates and training to create localised variations. 

We concentrated our efforts on optimising local SEO and achieved great position rankings at national and local levels for key services and some very competitive terms. 

Working Collaboratively to Empower the Team

One of the project's principal objectives was to encourage franchise managers to take ownership of their own marketing. Engaging 70+ stakeholders with beginner-level digital knowledge was a challenging feat. 

We tackled this by setting up easy-to-digest Google Data Studio dashboards to allow each local office to see advertising results at a glance. We also distributed comprehensive best practice guides focused on translating the actions that franchisees could take themselves.

During the client's annual conference, we delivered four training sessions explaining how to find opportunities from within the dashboards and taught best practice content creation for SEO. These efforts empowered each member of the Right at Home family to contribute to the brand's shared success.


Introducing Umbraco

Tackling technical issues, optimising content, and localising every duplicate page, we paved the way for a new site build and launch to get Right at Home back on track. 

Migrating the CMS from WordPress to Umbraco allowed the client to continue growing. This was especially important as the client had added several new offices joining the network and had plans to add even more in the following year.

Beyond scalability, another major benefit was a drastic improvement in site speed. The newly designed sign successfully offers an improved, seamless user experience.

Leading 70+ sites onto a new domain

As part of the Umbraco launch, we also needed to consider a full domain migration from rightathomeuk.co.uk to rightathome.co.uk. Our technical SEO experts worked alongside our hosting team to define and implement thousands of redirects to prevent any negative SEO impact.  

As you might expect, launching 70 new sites on a new domain required all hands on deck. Our marketing team worked tirelessly to manage all content populations within Umbraco. Thankfully, our CMS change offered a flexible editor experience. This was crucial for building a foundation for each franchise to gain better visibility in its territory.

Interactive Content Marketing

Right at Home challenged our content marketing team to create a successful #NewYearNewCareer campaign targeting job seekers in the care sector or anyone with the relevant transferable skills. During an industry-wide recruitment crisis for the homecare sector, Right at Home sought to increase job applications, educate the public about the potential of a career in homecare, and tackle misconceptions.


Thanks to our multifaceted campaign and challenges that necessitated innovative solutions, we were able to achieve impressive results. We delivered a successful website build, content migration and a domain change, all with minimal impact on users and KPIs.

Above all, we’ve helped the national office team to excite and engage the franchise network to get involved in digital marketing. Right at Home are receiving more client enquiries than before, bringing critical care to people in the comfort of their homes.

We have been thoroughly impressed with the team and the results they have delivered. The skills and tools the CTI Digital team provided us with have been huge driving factors in engaging our entire franchise network.

Heather Wehrle, National People and Brand Development Manager, Right at Home