Dominating the US and UK with PPC campaigns, maximising high-revenue conversions

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About the Client

Rivet & Hide supplies high-quality men's clothing from a diverse range of brands. They offer timeless pieces through their online shop, with two physical stores located in London and Manchester. 

Rivet and Hide pride themselves on the quality of their products. Creating clothing inspired by American styles, they work with the best denim mills in Japan to produce world-class selvedge denim crafted with unmatched British tailoring. They are the destination for raw selvedge denim.

Business Challenge

Rivet and Hide came to us with a limited budget and a desire to attract their target audience in the United States. Prior to working with us, Rivet & Hide found the US region was not receiving good conversion rates, with the usual strategies not working. This put Rivet & Hide in a difficult situation where decisions needed to be made. 

There were discussions to stop their current US PPC campaigns altogether however, as the winter period was approaching, a peak season for Rivet & Hide, we made the decision to try something new. Taking a ‘let’s see what happens’ approach on some experimental campaigns before stopping these campaigns completely. There weren’t any KPIs for this campaign. The objective was to see if we could make the US campaign successful enough to continue.

Search Term Analysis & Research

As part of the challenge to address low conversion rates in the US, one of the tasks we completed to tackle this issue was an in-depth analysis of search term performance. The research enabled us to exclude irrelevant search terms that didn’t align with Rivet and Hide’s campaign objectives. We were also able to eliminate targets that constrained the campaign’s volume. By removing these barriers, we ensured that ad spend was directed towards the most promising opportunities.

A value-based bidding strategy was implemented using search campaigns with broad match keyword types and performance max campaigns. The bidding strategy was fully automated, giving control over search terms, including those to disregard due to high cost-per-click. The performance max campaign gave us more control over the audience being served ads, meaning we could get more granular.

Maximising Revenue per Conversion

Rivet & Hide didn’t want to focus solely on converting as many visitors as possible. Instead, they wanted to maximise the revenue per conversion and reduce their cost per lead.

We addressed low conversion rates in the US market by shifting our focus from the number of conversions to the potential revenue generated by each conversion. This realignment optimised for value, ensuring each interaction contributed to our revenue goals.

This shift broadened the volume of the ads and produced fewer conversions; however, the conversions that were being generated were producing more revenue than the previous strategy. 

Overall, our work in the US market has proven to be a hit, with a revenue increase of 244%. 

As we’re still at the start of this new strategy, these campaigns are still in their learning phase but are already creating fantastic results. From starting this project ready to give up on paid media campaigns in the US to achieving substantial revenue, it has been an extremely positive campaign.

Cross-region Testing

Rivet & Hide also wanted to test the campaigns being run in the US market on the UK market. We set to work, implementing a UK brand campaign to match the US one for comparison.

For the UK brand campaign, we conducted some A/B testing over a two-week period to research whether a maximise conversion or maximise revenue bidding strategy would be most effective. 

From this experimentation, our team found that Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was 98% higher with maximise revenue bidding, and revenue increased by 25%.


Operating on a limited budget, Rivet and Hide faced a challenging situation with low conversions and unprofitable US campaigns. Rather than giving up, we embraced experimentation together and implemented a testing approach. This daring move, in such a volatile economy, is paying off tremendously. With conversions in the US increased by over 123%, ROAS increased by 24%, and revenue increased by 243%.

Not only did we help Rivet and Hide succeed in the US market, but we also achieved massive success in the UK, with conversions increasing by 552% and revenue increasing by a staggering 379%.  

Rivet and Hide's transformation from a struggling US campaign to substantial revenue from fewer conversions, all while operating within a constrained budget, is a testament to our team’s skillset in search marketing.