What to expect from Adobe Campaign Manager

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Central Workflow Management

Effortlessly manage and run omnichannel marketing campaigns while delivering personalised messages across multiple channels from a single dashboard at speed and scale.

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Customer Data Management

Bring your disparate data across internal and external tools to churn more meaningful insights about customer behaviour and journeys, and deliver highly personalised messages.

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Process Automation

Let Adobe Campaign do the heavy lifting for you by automating your business processes, scheduling email sends, receiving campaign performance reports in your mailbox, and more. 

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Segmentation and Targeting 

Bring all your key customer details together at one glance, gain essential insights into your target segments and develop marketing campaigns to deliver personalised experiences.

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Real-time Interactions

Send real-time personalised emails to your customers as per their current stage in the digital journey. 


Our Adobe Analytics Services


Adobe Campaign Consulting

Our specialised consultants follow a strategic approach to assess your business needs, choose Adobe Campaign Standard or Classic version, and suggest customisation required. 


Adobe Analytics Integration

We seamlessly integrate Adobe Campaign with other Adobe Experience Cloud tools or third-party analytics or CRM systems via APIs or native connectors.


Adobe Campaign Design

Post reviewing your requirements, we convert them into a high level Adobe Campaign design to list all its primary features, technical capabilities and third-party integrations needed.


Adobe Analytics Customisation

Our certified experts ensure out-of-the-box Adobe Campaign technical setup, customisation, and platform development to match your business objectives and add value.


Maintenance and Upgrades

Our Adobe Campaign management services experts review database indexes and general platform health for enhanced optimisation, superior performance, and continued results.


Adobe Campaign Training 

Whether Adobe Campaign Classic or Standard, we offer the best training to your campaign managers, marketers, and developers for superior implementation and seamless execution.

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