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Alison Hover

Alison Hover

Alison has been working with Drupal since 2008 and works primarily with the front-end, creating beautiful and engaging web experiences that gracefully degrade across older browsers.

Recent Posts by Alison Hover

Postcode Lookup Contribution

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...And the story of how two unlikely organisations drove innovation in the Drupal Platform.

While delivering continual support for an energy clients Drupal website, we wanted to implement a Postcode Lookup feature, with auto-complete functionality. Existing solutions were either too basic or needlessly expensive, but we couldn’t justify building a new solution from scratch. As luck would have, I discovered at our weekly Drupal 8 meeting that my colleagues working on a Not-For-Profit site required autocomplete capabilities for the address lookup on the donations page.

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Re-theming Legacy Sites: A Guide for Front-End Developers

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Re-theming a legacy site can sometimes be a painful process - but it needn’t be!

There are almost always likely to be a few small hiccoughs along the way, particularly if multiple groups of developers, all taking different approaches, have worked on a site before you. However, here are some useful considerations to alleviate potential issues and ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

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