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  • Cti and clients basf and chatham house to champion drupal at european conference

We are excited to support our clients, BASF and Chatham House, in presenting sessions at Drupal Europe. Representatives from these diverse organisations will speak about their experiences with Drupal, embracing open source software in industries traditionally opposed to the very concept. Paul Johnson, our Director of Drupal Services, will co-present the sessions, providing technical detail and expertise.

The Event:

Drupal Europe will be held in Darmstadt, Germany, from 10-14th September 2018. Billed as ‘both a technology conference and a family reunion for the Drupal community’ representatives from our large Drupal team will join their peers and other industry leaders for the prestigious event. This year, we are particularly excited to share the experience with some of our respected clients as well.

More than 1600 attendees will gather to share their digital experiences and challenges. Although there will, of course, be ample workshops and opportunities for coding, the event is not solely aimed at Drupal developers. Eleven industry tracks will discuss real-life case studies and success stories, opening up the community for new recruits!

As part of the ‘Digital Transformation’ track, our clients will deliver two beginner sessions. BASF will address the challenge of ‘Fostering a Contribution Culture against a Backdrop of Secrecy’. The other CTI-supported session will discuss the obstacles involved in 'The Digital Revolution at Chatham House: from Fight to Full Flight'.

Our work with clients such as BASF and Chatham House exemplifies our company ethos of tackling complex problems using the right technical tools for the task. We encourage our clients to embrace the open source community, as it is a hugely important part of what we do and what we stand for at CTI. We are also always striving to work on challenging and technically interesting projects; so the opportunity to play a part in the digital transformation of these organisations is something we thrive on.


Here's a taster of the two tracks:


Fostering a Contribution Culture against a Backdrop of Secrecy

Working with BASF, we faced an issue centred around a huge flaw in the mass translation capabilities of Drupal. Initial development revealed no qualms, but when the project began to scale detrimental issues became apparent. Despite several attempts by the team to develop efficient ways to patch the problem, there was a growing client perception that Drupal’s core translation capabilities are fatally flawed. We recognised that for global brands this could prevent the adoption of Drupal 8 altogether.

What do you do when your company has invested 12 months of resources into a ground-breaking digital transformation, only to discover a huge issue that could compromise the viability of the entire project?

In this session we’ll be discussing the digital transformation of BASF’s training initiative and the roadblocks we faced during its internationalisation. Most importantly, the focus will be on how we drew upon the Drupal community for advice and fostered an open source mindset in an industry which, for the past 150 years, has been heavily invested in patents, copyright and securing trade secrets. This was not only a transformation within Drupal, but a total transformation of a company attitude.


The Digital Revolution at Chatham House: from Fight to Full Flight

For Chatham House, a shift was required even before the project began. Driving digital transformation and explaining its value within a traditional, inward-looking organisation presents an enormous challenge. A key part of this is to connect the value of digital to the overall strategy of the organisation, in order to leverage support for change.

Chatham House has a mission to help build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world, through informed debate, independent analysis and new policy ideas. The way in which they achieve these goals has been, and is still is being, revolutionised by digital.

This session looks at the digital roadmap of the organisation, in the lead up to their centenary next year. The focus will be on why digital change was so important, and how the team went about persuading key stakeholders to embrace radical change. Ultimately, digitisation is enabling Chatham House to reach a far wider audience internationally, amplifying their message beyond the policy makers, to the powerful public; but this was only made possible by first amplifying this vision internally.


See you there!

We are proud to support and facilitate the digital evolution of our clients’ visions, and to join them on the cusp of transformation. The sought-after opportunity to speak at Drupal Europe will publicise the industry-leading work that BASF and Chatham House deliver, as well as positioning CTI as key influencers and experts in the Drupal community.

If you would like to join us at Drupal Europe, tickets and programmes are available on the conference website

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