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The Sprints and Drupal 8.

Since I started the sprints my goal over the last 5 sprints is learn and contribute back to Drupal 8. The main key areas for me are Drupal Core, IMP and CMI, we’ve helped with rolling new patches and testing existing functionality as well as getting others up to speed with the new structural changes. Bringing everyone together provides a productive atmosphere and a great environment in which to contribute in.

What is a code sprint?

The first Drupal sprint in Manchester was the 26th of October 2013.

Events are organised for Drupal developers all over the world (Manchester, London, India and the USA) to work together to create working software, sort through new/existing problems, applying patches (a patch is a file that shows the difference between two versions of code) and undertaking difficult code challenges. Each participant contributes to the process and learns something new, which in turn strengthens the Drupal community and enhances developers’ knowledge.

Drupal Sprinter: Matt Smith

With a few Sprints under his keyboard, Matt is quite at home joining other ‘Drupalers’ for the Sprints in Manchester. He described the process of development, "A contributor will take an issue in the issue queue, and these issues may vary from simple documentation fixes to large architectural changes or additions. Once fixed, a patch is posted back to the issue where other contributors can then review it. Once multiple people have reviewed the patch the issue gets set to 'Reviewed and tested by the community', at this stage one of the core contributors will give it a final check before committing the code to Drupal core."

Matt’s first Drupal Sprint was at DrupalCon Prague and since then has regularly attended the Manchester Drupal Sprints and enjoys giving back to the Drupal community.

To support the sprinters, CTI Digital provided office space and food.

Watch this space for details of the next Drupal Sprint in Manchester.

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