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At this year's DrupalCon Barcelona, The Drupal Association is introducing two community keynotes including one by our very own Mike Bell, who is taking the opportunity to bring the issue of mental health and open source to the fore.
Mental health is a subject that affects every single one of us within the community, however it’s an issue that is often overlooked, as it can be difficult to broach with colleagues and peers.

For Mike to be offered the opportunity to present this keynote slot at DrupalCon is significant, showing the groundswell of support that Mike and this issue is receiving from the Drupal community. Mike himself has overcome depression and anxiety and will draw upon his own experiences, with the hope that this will give others information about what they can do, where they can go to get help and what employers can do to support staff. 

Mike adds; “I believe that this is a hugely important subject for everyone within the developer community and should we should take every opportunity to discuss and learn more about mental health.”

With 1 in 4 British adults experiencing at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year, and 1 in 6 experiencing a problem at any given time, it’s an important topic to shine the spotlight on and we appreciate the willingness of DrupalCon to provide Mike with the opportunity to share his experiences.

Regardless of whether you are a developer, manager or employer, this will be a keynote speech not to be missed.

Find out more about Mike's keynote and DrupalCon Barcelona.  

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