What to expect from Adobe Target

Move ahead of guesswork to deliver experiences that your customers desire with Adobe Target.

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Adobe Target A/B Testing

Test everything, content, images, layouts, videos, UI, and more across your digital channels to identify the best experience for every customer and then deliver it. 

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Adobe Target Multivariate Testing 

Tests different combinations of elements together to determine what works best for your customers to provide superior customer experiences.

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Experience Targeting

Bring together elements and combinations before your audience to determine what works better for them to customise your marketing strategies.

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Adobe Target Personalisation

Leverage the power of AI and machine learning with Adobe Sensei to test and personalise at scale and automate product recommendations, content, and live search.

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Multi-arm Bandit Testing 

Allocate your audience to the most successful experiences (as defined by your users) to offer meaningful customer experiences and boost marketing ROIs.

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Audience Segmentation

Optimise your content and experiences for specific audiences to display the right messages to the right people at the right time.


Seamless Adobe Integration


We drive efficiency in your business by enabling swift Adobe integration.

Adobe Target Implementation

From planning, designing, and customising, we help you deploy Adobe Target across our digital assets within your Adobe Stack and align with your specific objectives.

Adobe Target Testing

We help set up, automate and perform Adobe Target A/B testing, multivariate testing, audience segmentation, Adobe Target recommendations, and Adobe Target personalisation.


Smooth Adobe Integrations

Integrate Adobe Target seamlessly with Adobe products, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sensei to optimise goals across all platforms.


Adobe Target Managed Services 

From offering ongoing support to working on a monthly retainer basis, our managed services have delivered successful implementations across multiple brands and sectors. 


Adobe Target Personalisation 

We audit and assess your digital assets and touchpoints to generate insights about the audience and content engagement to build a custom Adobe Target solution for you.


Enablement Training

Our Adobe Target Analytics experts will train your marketing teams to make the most of the platform and conduct tests across touchpoints to optimise your customer experiences.

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