Award-Winning Students, Unemployed Experts: Why Universities must respond to the shifting employment patterns of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is merging the digital and physical world, causing seismic shifts in employment patterns. How do universities fulfill the needs of students and industries when change is the new norm?

Universities can thrive in this new landscape, but only if you have the vision to reimagine your approach to digital. Paul will reveal his findings from working with sector leaders to transform their strategic digital capability and meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

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Further Reading

Industry 4.0 is a huge topic. Discover all of the resources from our session, and further reading around the web.


1. The University of West London Strategy Case Study

Get a first hand look at the agile practises and collaborative approach we took for UWL's digital discovery.

Learn more




2. Content Strategy for Higher Education

Content is imperative for everything from your site structure to SEO to legal compliance. Discover some of the tools we use to develop content strategies for international higher education organisations.

Content strategy




3. An economists take on the automation jobs crisis

Forbes provide an excellent insight into the work of MIT Professor of Economic, David Autor, on the shifting employment patters caused by automation.

Industry 4.0 employment




4. The DP World London Gateway Website

Explore one of the case studies from Paul Johnson's session, an almost fully automated shipping yard. 

Industry 4.0 in action




5. Deloitte's 2019 Higher Education Industry Outlook

Deloitte identified Cloud Readiness, Risk Management, Access Management, and Mergers and Acquisitions as the 4 essential areas for consideration of any modern-day education institution. 


"Leaders in the industry should begin exploring new opportunities to help them meet the evolving needs centered around the higher education institution."


Education industry outlook




6. Jisc's 'Education 4.0' manifesto

Paul Fieldman discusses how Higher Education institutions can own the opportunities created by Industry 4.0 and succeed as a global leader.

Read about Education 4.0

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Paul Johnson

Specialist in Higher Education

By collaborating with Higher Education organisations, I deliver transformative digital strategies. Drawing upon 20 years of development experience, I combine deep technical understanding and a pragmatic approach. Doing so, I help clients including Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of West London to change the way they think about digital.


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Dan Pala

Sales Director - Drupal

I have connected many agencies with Higher Education institutions to help realise the digital vision of their organisational strategy. By championing the integration of established media and emerging interactive channels, I create the alchemy that turns great ideas into living initiatives, generating competitive, long-term and sustainable business advantage.

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