Hire our cutting-edge photography studio to breathe life into your creative projects

Producing high-quality photography and video content can be challenging without the right location or equipment. Fortunately, we have both. Our Manchester-based studio features state-of-the-art facilities to bring your creative projects to life. From simple shoots to more complex setups, the space is agile enough to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


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Photo and video studio amenities 

Green Screen

Our green screen backdrop is the perfect canvas for creating engaging and visually impressive content. Chroma keying technology allows you to explore a myriad of creative possibilities without physical location constraints.


Product Photography setup

Our dedicated studio space provides everything you need to showcase your products in their best light. With an infinity wall and a variety of lighting options, you can achieve stunning and professional results.

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Filming Studio

Our filming studio offers an ideal setting for professional agencies and brands to capture stunning media. With 4K filming equipment and spacious sets, you’re well-equipped to translate your vision into high-quality content.

What does our videography and photography studio in Manchester include?

Included in the room hire as standard

  • 4-metre wide infinity wall
  • Multiple lighting systems
  • Acoustic blackout curtains
  • Green Screen
  • Private dressing room

Included in the room hire if you hire our kit

  • Prime and specialist lenses
  • 4k Filming
  • 42MP Photography
  • Live stream and multicam filming

As well as the room hire, we can also offer

  • Camera, lighting and sound equipment (available to hire)
  • 3 x large playback screens to view footage and photography 
  • Overhead rigs for camera equipment and lighting
  • Options to change the wall/background colours
  • Furniture and props

Our commitment to convenience and accessibility

When you hire our video and photography studio, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. We offer free superfast Wi-Fi, a dedicated reception team, wheelchair accessibility, and fully accessible toilets. Plus, we cater to all dietary needs should you require refreshments throughout the day.


How to Find Us

Our studio is located in Manchester City Centre. We’re less than a 15-minute walk away from Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria Rail Stations.

Registered office:
Express Networks 2,
3 George Leigh Street, 
Manchester, United Kingdom,
M4 5DL

FAQs about video and photo studio hire in Manchester

Can I pop in to see the studio before I hire it? 

Absolutely, we’d love for you to check out our studio before making any decisions. In fact, we highly recommend all clients to scout the space, ensuring it’s a perfect fit for their needs and creative vision.

If you would like to see the venue, please give us a call on (0161) 713 2423 to arrange a suitable time.

Can you provide help on the day?

We can provide support on the day of your booking to ensure your session runs smoothly for an additional cost. Our dedicated production team can assist with equipment setup, lighting, and any technical assistance you may need. We can also provide a full production crew who will capture the shots you desire.

Please make our team aware of your requirements when making your booking.

Do you offer parking and loading?

There is an outdoor SIP car park next door to our studio (Henry Street Parking, M4 5DL). Or you can park at the multistorey SIP car park just one minute away (Gun Street Parking, M4 5DN).

Parking costs are between £3 for 1 hour and up to £7 for 12 hours.

How many people are allowed in the studio?

For health and safety reasons, we allow a maximum of 3 people in our studio at any one time.

How do I get into the studio?

When you arrive at the Express 2 building, please press the buzzer for CTI. Once we’ve unlocked the door, you will need to take the lift to the first floor. The stairwell requires fob access.

Got questions about our photography and video studio for hire in Manchester? Shoot away, and we’ll answer!

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