Strategic guidance for your content based on rigorous research

We help large organisations to simplify, consolidate and optimise vast, convoluted content libraries.

Our approach to content strategy combines industry-specific research, with SEO, usability and accessibility best practice. Our content strategists gain valuable insights into each organisation that we work with, researching what users need, want and struggle to find.

The result: consistent, manageable, and visible online content that achieves your business goals effectively.


“This is a really valuable piece of content and, now that I’ve read it, I wonder how we ever got by without something like this before. Simple, concise, visually engaging and a really good document to strengthen our partnership with departments.”

- Durham University discussing content guidelines delivered by CTI Digital



A foundation of successful content aspirations

We begin with in-depth research to clarify the past, present and future of your content. Much like our Discovery process, we collect invaluable insights from real users.

Through a series of interactive workshops, we’ll audit your existing assets, clarify your brand personality and map out your content processes. 

From this informed position, we set out to define and mould the strategic direction of your online content.

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The core of your content strategy

At its core, any content strategy will define what your web content should achieve, what that content should be, and what content editors need to do.

Collating all of our research findings, we’ll determine a central identity and overarching content aspirations. We purposefully translate this strategic vision in a way that is easily shareable and understandable, to support every content editor.

No matter how big or small your organisation is, all content should emanate from a unified core content strategy. 

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Logical content structures: content you can find

Content is only as valuable as it is visible. It’s time to think strategically about where you store and how you present your content online.

If your users can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll go elsewhere. If content creators can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll duplicate content that already exists. These common issues are the reason that content structure is integral to any content strategy.

We’ll shape a strategic information architecture (IA) to define the structures within which your content must fit. Our goal is to enable consistency, reusability, ease of discovery, and logical linking.


Content with substance; content with purpose

Your content represents your voice online. It’s vital to balance what you say with how you say it.

In tandem with structural elements, we will establish the substance that supports your content strategy. Our content strategists will identify what content you need, what content you have, and what that content needs to say.

We’ll create in-depth practical guidance, checklists, clear templates and detailed brief sheets, to make your content ambitions a reality.

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Total control with clear content workflows

For content to have value, we must know where it has come from and where it is going. That’s why we consult on content workflows and governance structures within your organisation.

Consistent content creation processes, approval levels and maintenance structures can transform the efficacy of your content. 

We’ll work closely with your team to define processes that work for you. In doing so, we’ll support your core content strategy by helping editors to publish, maintain and archive content successfully online.

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