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Your New User Experience Design Agency

We’ve researched, conceptualised and executed excellent User Experiences (UX) for every type of site, from Rollercoasters to Higher Education Institutions.

We employ cutting-edge user research tools and behavioural expertise to get to the heart of the issue and understand what your customers really need. 

Our UX and UI designers take those findings to create innovate, accessible, and high-performance websites that delight users.







UX Research

Our Strategists and User Researchers work with your stakeholders to undertake meaningful research into end-user behaviour. We believe context and collaboration is key to understanding what makes those users tick. Our experts discover your user's intentions, desires and frustrations through careful observation and interview techniques.

We identify and illuminate actionable opportunities and solutions. Curiosity, Measured.

Digital Strategy

Digital Design by CTI Digital

Bringing Insights To Life

What good is user research if nobody is going to build on it? We’ll create clear, concise outputs which make sense to your business and can be used to bring your strategy into the future. 

Mental models, user personas, and journey mapping all take us closer to understanding users and how they interact with your brand.

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Design and Prototype

Using the latest prototyping software and design processes, we can visualise your future product with fully interactive prototypes and high fidelity designs. 

Backed by 10 years of experience and brilliant scientific minds, we turn the data into enjoyable experiences packed with originality.

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Real-World Validation

Implementing new ideas is a huge investment. Our on-site UX Lab features cutting edge observation tools and enables data collection from CRO experimentation, analytics, and usability testing. We transparently show how the product, system or service works to give you the best solution, not the first one.

UX Lab


Why invest in UX?

The term User Experience defines the actions, decisions and journeys your customers face when interacting with your brand. A bad experience implies a bad product for most customers. User Experience means giving your customers a process they love. 

This may be realised in increased click-throughs, longer browsing time, greater success rates and conversions. Which at the end of the day means greater revenue and happier customers for you. So, are you ready to get started?

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Why Work With CTI Digital?

"CTI have been hugely important in us developing how we deliver our digital tools. I would highly recommend them for their thoroughness, attention to detail and always friendly and helpful approach!"

James Patterson, Royal College of Occupational Therapists


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