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CTI Digital are amongst the first to contribute to the #D8Rules fund which will secure development of the Drupal Rules module for Drupal 8. Rules is a crucial contributed module which allows site owners to create action and reaction functionality through a simple administrative interface without need for coding.
Rules is used by over 200K web sites, Drupal distributions like Drupal Commerce depend upon. It is predicted to achieve #D8Rules €47,160 will be needed.
Paul Johnson, Drupal Director, was keen for CTI Digital to be amongst the first to support the funding initiative and hopes in doing so, other Drupal shops and organisations using Drupal and Rules will follow suit.

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Rick Steckles
Rick Steckles
Rick has been with CTI since 2004, initially as a developer and subsequently as technical director. He has built up experience in a broad range of areas by working on a wide variety of projects. He is responsible for CTI's development infrastructure - continuous integration, code repository management, development and live hosting environments. Rick's primary focus is on delivering quality solutions which solve real problems in a simple, effective manner.

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