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Once again, we’ve been successful in our application for the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework!

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework is designed to help the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital solutions and services with  approved businesses. Listing 3000 suppliers, the framework provides access to a variety of specialist digital services for government & other public sector organisations.

The framework is split into four elements & we’re listed as providers for the following services: 

  • Digital Outcomes
  • Digital Specialists
  • User Research studios
  • User Research Participants

For more details, take a look at the gov.uk website.


What does being a DOS5 supplier mean for our clients?

Being part of this framework makes it easier for public sector organisations to access greater possibilities. Saving them time and resources towards finding a team to help build them a digital infrastructure. 

This is a mark of quality work for organisations in the public sector to reference when looking for resources. 

We further support this by working hard to be certified experts in our tech stack, including Drupal and Umbraco.


Back_End_Specialist_D9 Umbraco Gold Partner logo transparent background


As a client, you have a whole hub of different services available at your fingertips - from redesigning your website to make life easier for your team by getting stuck into our UX lab! Being shortlisted allows us to bring organisations' ambitions to life in their digital landscape. 


Existing clients & work

We want organisations of all sizes and sectors to focus on results and being on this list brings us a step closer. 

Discover the Public Sector organisations we’ve worked alongside previously, such as  British Council, Arts Council England, London Transport Museum & more

Ranging from integrating a content management system for a client to a full-scale migration with a content refresh, we help the client achieve their long term goals.

We've been worked with these organisation types since 2003, for more take a look on the Public Sector page of our website.

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