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Insights from Conference Stream for the DADI Awards

The DADI Awards is one of the most recognised events in the digital industry. Over the course of the evening Conference Stream captured over 1800+ Tweets. During it's peak there were 51 Tweets per minute, with an average of 15 messages per minute going to the 'big screen'; thanks to our dashboard and filtered approval queue the most engaging messages and humorous pics made it on there.  

One of the key considerations was ensuring high performance during peaks of activity; 1800+ Tweets is a lot to handle over the course of an evening. The Tweets needed to be parsed, stored and presented in realtime; we can observe from the insights obtained that during the awards and social portions of the evening there were a lot of conversations and engagement. Testament to the quality of the food at the event, there was a peak of rich media activity with a stream of food pictures followed by social silence. 

We can also see trends vs time and identify particular speakers and moments during the awards. 

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Jamie Wedge
Jamie Wedge
With a background in copywriting, Jamie joined our marketing team in 2014. He has a passion for creating unique and innovative content and is very adaptable to different writing styles. Jamie is responsible for all of our content creation, content management and PR, ensuring that all content we produce meets high standards. He is also responsible for planning and implementing engaging content campaigns to deliver great results for clients, ranging from SEO to Social Media.

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