Hire our ultramodern, purpose-built UX lab to test your website, app or any user interface

Our UX lab hire package includes everything you need to put your user at the heart of your user research. You’ll gain access to our user testing lab, with the latest testing tools, alongside a flexible observation room and workshop space. We’ll also provide support from a fully-trained lab technician. 

Our comfortable and well-equipped facility is perfect for user testing, website analysis, prototype validation, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and even market research.


½ day (inc. technician)



1 day hire (inc. technician)



Tailored quotes available for a dedicated UX researcher and output report.

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The lab

Let your research participants reveal their true behaviour in our cosy UX lab, designed to feel like home. Your participants will feel at ease in comfortable surroundings, whilst you observe from another room.

Test your digital products on a range of devices:

- Desktop PC
- Smart TV
- Mobile devices (10+ testing devices)

Eye tracking footage shown on a computer screen

The technology

We’ve carefully selected testing tools to provide maximum insights without feeling intrusive for a user. Harness our comprehensive room and screen recordings, and eye-tracking technology, to extract valuable data and leave with actionable insights.

- High-quality video and audio recording of sessions.

- Desktop eye-tracking technology (TobiiPro Lab and Nano).

- Portable eye-tracking glasses, for testing on mobile and tablet devices (Tobii Glasses 2).


ux observation room

The space

We don’t just want your participants to feel at home, we want your team to be comfortable as well! Reach maximum productivity in our flexible and spacious observation area, suitable for multiple activities:

- Become a fly on the wall and observe users’ body language through our one-way glass or via live stream recording.

- Conduct workshops, focus groups or meetings, with complimentary refreshments provided by CTI.

ux lab 16x9

The support

One of our dedicated lab technicians will support your session, all included in your UX lab hire fee. Our technicians are all experienced UX researchers, available to:

- Facilitate device setup

- Ensure that your testing session runs smoothly

A client workshop in action

Further UX expertise

If you’re new to user testing or looking to upgrade your research, our UX researchers can offer a range of additional services. Over and above the standard lab hire experience, our UX team can:

- Create testable prototypes and wireframes
- Recruit participants
- Plan sessions
- Facilitate testing
- Analyse findings
- Conduct workshops

We’ll provide technical support through your session as part of the UX lab hire price; for other services please get in touch and we can create a tailored quote for you.


Why should your business invest in user testing?

Rather than making assumptions on behalf of your target audience, it’s time to give them what they really want. You only need to test your website, app or interface with 5 real users to uncover 85% of unforeseen usability problems. this research will enable you to:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Delight customers
  • Reduce drop off

Usability testing can also help you identify unforeseen user journeys and new opportunities leading to:

  • New sources of revenue
  • Content opportunities
  • Creation of new efficiencies


Why conduct lab testing?

It’s substantially easier to find patterns in user behaviour when the environment is consistent between participants. What’s more, our state-of-the-art eye-tracking testing tools provide valuable insights that you can’t easily access elsewhere. Details such as scroll depth and points of first fixation, can help to benchmark priorities and add a quantitative edge to your testing. 

Our UX lab also provides the chance to invite your colleagues to observe testing sessions. Encourage buy-in for design decisions thanks to the opportunity to see real-life users engaging with your products.

The UX lab lets us into the mind of our users. Never before have we had such useful and actionable data from one day of testing.

Hannah Braybrook

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Are you curious about what’s possible in a UX research lab? Wondering if user testing is relevant for your industry? Or just want to know when you can start testing? 

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