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  • Drupalcon virtual 2020

Never a community to let anything get in their way, the Drupal Association have come together to host one of Drupal’s largest events ever - online!

An annual event, Drupalcon brings together Drupal developers, designers, owners, and lovers to celebrate the latest achievements of the community.


Why do we take part in DrupalCon?

DrupalCon is a rare opportunity for the Drupal community to all truly come together to contribute, share ideas, educate each other, and make friends.

As Drupal advocates, we believe events like this are crucial to the success of Drupal. The connections made here are what inspire and kick-start new initiatives that will benefit the Drupal for years to come. Sharing and exploring technical and social trends from different cultures enables Drupal to be an early adopter and in many cases, a leader of digital innovation jumps.

Drupal on the front lines of COVID-19

Our very own, Paul Johnson, will be joining a panel this year with Drupal experts Adéla Kalkantová, Jr. Market Development Representative, Open Social, Christina Costello, Web Developer, Redfin Solutions, LLC, and Toby Bellwood, Product Lead, Amazee.io.

The panel, moderated by Michael Schmid of Amazee.io, will share concepts and initiatives that have combatted COVID-19 using Drupal. Specifically, Paul will be sharing how Arts Council England have used Drupal to help more organisations apply for funding.

Available Tuesday, July 14 - 20:15 to 21:00 UTC. Don’t miss it.

What will be different this year?

The location. It’s somewhere very exclusive. 

To protect the health and wellbeing of the community and bring Drupal to more people, DrupalCon will be virtual this year, so you’ll access all the action from home!

Breakout rooms, networking groups, social events and more will all still be available, but they will be delivered online instead.


What will be the same at DrupalCon this year?

Driesnote - it’s a tradition. We’ll hear the latest from the founder of Drupal.

Collaboration - it’s at our core. We’ll meet old and new friends and celebrate each others successes.

Innovation - it’s inevitable. Bringing together so many cultures and brilliant minds, it’s hard not to come up with fantastic new ideas.

Drupal 9 - it’s the next big thing. Everyone is getting ready on Drupal 8 for the upgrade to Drupal 9 and to find out about the newest features.


Follow @ctidigitalUK and Paul Johnson on twitter for all the action.


📸 cred: DrupalCon website

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