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Emotions were running high last year after Twitter announced it was thinking of expanding its character limit from its restrictive 140 characters to 10,000, which led to many users of the micro-blogging site disputing that the change would take away the overall beauty and creativity of Twitter.

It’s now been reported by The Independent, that Twitter have reviewed this idea and have decided to stop counting links and picture uploads in its 140 characters instead of expanding its limit.

In the report by The Independent, it points out this this will leave Twitter users with an extra 47 characters, as links are automatically shortened to 23 and images take up to 24.

So, what does this mean for us?

Many users of Twitter - including ourselves - love the restrictive character limit as it allows us to be creative and to the point with our followers and our clients followers.

There are also plenty of times that images have to be omitted in place of a link and some surrounding text, which is sad news for us as it's widely recognised that users are more likely to engage with a tweet when an image is attached to it.

It also means that all our tweets will be searchable - as many users had taken to writing out longer tweets in their Notes section, taking a screenshot of it and then tweeting it out to their users.

Lastly, it will give us just enough additional room to add commentary more easily to links and articles that are relevant to ourselves and our followers at CTI Digital, as well as our clients.

If you’d like some social media help before these new rules come into play, contact one of our social media experts - they’ll be happy to help you!

Or you can follow us on Twitter and see how we put our new character limit to use. 

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Jamie Wedge
Jamie Wedge
With a background in copywriting, Jamie joined our marketing team in 2014. He has a passion for creating unique and innovative content and is very adaptable to different writing styles. Jamie is responsible for all of our content creation, content management and PR, ensuring that all content we produce meets high standards. He is also responsible for planning and implementing engaging content campaigns to deliver great results for clients, ranging from SEO to Social Media.

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