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Umbraco 13 is here! In this blog, we will provide you with the latest features and benefits of Umbraco 13 and how Umbraco Platinum Partner CTI Digital can help you migrate to this exciting new version.

Umbraco 13 and CTI Digital

Long-term supported version of Umbraco

The first thing to understand is that Umbraco 13 is the latest long-term supported version of Umbraco. Launched on December 14th 2023, and has an end-of-life date of 14th December 2026. This guarantees a secure platform for three years. Umbraco has a release cadence of short-term and long-term versions. Umbraco 13 is aligned with the release of the underlying .NET framework, and Umbraco 13 is launched on .NET 8. 

For more information on the versions of Umbraco and the end-of-life dates, see this post by Umbraco.

The benefits of Umbraco 13 for content editors 

Let's explore the benefits of Umbraco 13 and, more importantly, what that means for you as a marketer and content editor.

Headless capabilities - this was launched in Umbraco 12 with the introduction of the content delivery API. Umbraco 13 enhances this with the media delivery API, preview and webhooks, meaning your well-crafted content can be syndicated to multiple places. For instance, you have a corporate website, an intranet and a native mobile application. Your content can be shared across all three using the suite of APIs.

The latest content editor - Umbraco, uses TinyMCE as the built-in rich text editor, saving you time learning HTML! Umbraco 13 brings the latest version of TinyMCE, making content editing even more straightforward and enabling the editor to utilise other plugins.

Integrations with third-party systems - Umbraco 13 introduces Webhooks. This feature provides no code/low code editing experience for integrations with your third-party systems, i.e. email marketing provider or CRM. The new feature allows you to trigger events to your third-party systems.

Why your IT Director will be happy 

Umbraco 13 comes with several performance and security enhancements.

Umbraco 13 has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance and scalability. With optimisations under the hood, websites and applications built on Umbraco 13 will experience faster load times and improved overall performance, ensuring a smooth user experience even in high-traffic scenarios. These performance improvements could help reduce your hosting costs.

Umbraco 13 prioritises the security of digital assets. With advanced security features and updates, the platform provides a secure environment for managing and delivering content, protecting against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Rich Metcalfe, Sales Director at CTI Digital, said: "We're excited to be working with Umbraco 13 for our new and existing clients. With security assured until December 2026, Umbraco 13 offers enhanced content editing features, seamless third-party integrations, and notable performance improvements."

“As Umbraco Platinum Partners, our team has a proven track record in successfully guiding clients through major upgrades."

Filip Bech-Larsen, CTO at Umbraco, said: "Umbraco 13 provides enhanced performance, scalability, and a range of new features, which provide web developers with a robust, forward-compatible platform for their projects. Umbraco Cloud project owners will also notice performance improvements that improve efficiency and support sustainability targets."

How CTI can help you achieve your ambitions with Umbraco 13

We have worked with Umbraco for a long time and are proud to say that we are Umbraco Platinum Partners, meaning that we have certified developers, we contribute to the Umbraco community, and, most importantly, we have delivered and supported a lot of Umbraco websites.

No matter what version of Umbraco you are on, we can advise you on the best way to get to Umbraco 13.

Speak to one of our experienced Umbraco consultants to understand more about how you can utilise Umbraco 13 to fulfil your digital ambitions.

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