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  • What did social media tell us about drupalcon asia


Three times a year, thousands of Drupal enthusiasts from across the globe join together to support, develop and celebrate the Drupal platform. From communication sprints to Bollywood dancing, the conference was action packed full of fun activities for everyone to get involved in (and when we say ‘everyone’...we mean everyone). DrupalCon Asia was as Paul Johnson, our Head of Drupal described, “a seminal moment in the history of Drupal” and the past week's activity on social media did nothing but reinforce this statement. 

DrupalCon’s presence on social media was incredible and after looking at the overall impressions of the conference it became clear there was certainly a lot to shout about. 


(Overall Impressions over the 7 day period)

Statistics from DrupalCon Asia’s Twitter account highlighted how people simply couldn’t contain their excitement at the event, as the heartbeat of the Drupal community erupted on the Friday. This may have stemmed from the incredible fact that for 82% of attendees, this was their first ever DrupalCon!


(One of the most popular tweets using the #DrupalCon hashtag)

What was even more interesting about the conference, was its cultural diversity and huge community spirit. Many tweets not only displayed a love for Drupal but more importantly a love for the people and their talents. 


(Word cloud of @DrupalConAsia’s follower’s tweets)

It was a pleasant surprise to see words such as “love” and “music” appear so frequently amongst the technical jargon, demonstrating how DrupalCon was more than just a networking conference. It brought together Drupalers from all over the world, as they witnessed the array of unique talent on display. 


(The mapped locations of the accounts who used #DrupalConAsia)

As well as there being a strong international presence at the event itself, this heatmap highlights how it attracted attention on social media from all around the globe. 

Most of the followers from DrupalConAsia’s Twitter account were also mainly from the US which was great to see, as it opened people’s eyes to Drupal’s Asian powerhouse. The amount of women followers was at a particularly high rate  too, at 16%! 


(@DrupalConAsia follower locations)

Social Media has fabulously portrayed DrupalCon Asia in its truest light, showcasing what a fantastic few days it has been for the Drupal community and its future. It’s now just up to the USA and Europe to take centre stage!

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