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Businesses gear up for one of the busiest and most profitable periods ahead of the holiday season. Christmas brings a surge in consumer spending and a unique opportunity to connect with customers through marketing emails. However, identifying the best time to send Christmas emails is key for a successful campaign.

When Is the Best Time to Send Christmas Marketing Emails

Discover the best times to send emails during the festive season to get the most from your email marketing campaign.


Understanding the Significance of Christmas Email Marketing

Before we talk about when to send marketing emails, let's first understand why Christmas email marketing is important.

Christmas is a time of increased consumer spending. During this time of the year, people are on the hunt for the perfect gifts and actively seek information and promotions. This holiday season provides a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers. Through targeted marketing emails, businesses can drive their sales further.

However, to stand out in the crowded inbox and make the most of this opportunity, timing is everything. Sending your Christmas marketing emails at the right time can significantly impact their effectiveness and conversion rates.


Understanding the Christmas Shopping Timeline & the Best Times to Send Emails

To determine the optimal time to send Christmas emails, it’s vital to understand the typical festive shopping timeline. We break the timeline down into several key phases:

Early Holiday Shopping (October - Early November)

This first phase begins when some early-bird shoppers start looking for gifts and deals. Send holiday emails to this group focusing on gift guides, early promotions, and reminders to plan ahead.

Best email send times for the early shopping period


  • Day of the Week: Tuesday or Thursday. These mid-week days tend to yield higher open rates as people are settling into their workweek.
  • Time of Day: Mid-morning (around 10am) or early evening (around 6pm) are effective times. These times allow your emails to be near the top of recipients' inboxes when they check their email.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Late November)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, marks the start of the holiday shopping rush. Prepare your Christmas email marketing campaigns to coincide with these days, offering exclusive deals and promotions.

Best email send times for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


  • Day of the Week: The week leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is critical. Begin sending your promotional emails on the Tuesday before these key shopping days and continue throughout the weekend.
  • Time of Day: Send emails at midnight for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be one of the first in recipients' inboxes. Throughout the weekend, send emails early in the morning to catch early bird shoppers.

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When Is the Best Time to Send Christmas Marketing Emails


Peak Shopping Season (Early December)

The first two weeks of December are usually the peak online shopping season. Online shoppers are actively looking for gifts and taking advantage of holiday sales. Send promotional emails frequently during this period to catch consumers’ attention.

Best email send times for the peak shopping season


  • Day of the Week: Mondays and Wednesdays are generally ideal for sending emails with promotional content. That’s because people are often looking for distractions at the beginning of the workweek and in the middle of it.
  • Time of Day: Send emails in the late morning (around 11am) or early afternoon (around 2pm). These are the times when people take breaks and tend to check their personal emails.


Last-Minute Shopping (Mid - Late December)

As Christmas approaches, some shoppers procrastinate, looking for last-minute gifts and special deals. Continue sending emails with a sense of urgency, highlighting express shipping options and gift cards.

Best email send times for last-minute shopping days


  • Day of the Week: Tuesday and Thursday remain effective during this phase. However, you can also consider sending emails on Saturday as many people shop on weekends.
  • Time of Day: Send emails in the early morning (around 7am) or late evening (around 8pm). These times are optimal for capturing last-minute shoppers' attention.


Post-Christmas Sales (Late December - Early January)

After Christmas, many consumers are still in the shopping spirit, seeking post-holiday sales and clearance deals. Extend your Christmas email marketing into this phase to boost year-end sales.

Best email sending times post-Christmas


  • Day of the Week: Continue sending emails on Tuesday and Thursday during this phase to engage post-Christmas shoppers.
  • Time of Day: Send emails in the late morning (around 10am) or early afternoon (around 1pm). These times align with the typical post-holiday shopping schedule.

Remember that these are general guidelines and there is no perfect time to send your Christmas emails. The best time for your Christmas email marketing campaign will vary depending on your specific target audience and industry. It's crucial to test and analyse the performance of your emails to determine what works best for your business.

When Is the Best Time to Send Christmas Marketing Emails


Factors to Consider When Planning Your Christmas Email Campaign

When planning and sending your Christmas emails, you should consider the following factors:

  • Audience Segmentation: Understand your audience and segment your email list. Different segments may have different preferences and behaviours, so tailor your email schedule accordingly.
  • Email Content: Craft compelling email content that resonates with the Christmas spirit. Tailored, festive, and visually appealing emails are more likely to grab your recipients' attention.
  • Goals and Objectives: Define your goals for the Christmas email campaign. Whether it's driving sales or boosting brand awareness, your email schedule should align with your objectives. Include a strong call to action to clarify the priority action for your customers.
  • Time Zones: Consider the time zones of your recipients, especially if you have an international audience. Sending emails at the right time for each time zone is essential.



Making your Christmas email marketing campaigns stand out can indeed be challenging. The path to success hinges on refining your email strategy and carefully timing your email sends for maximum impact.

If you’d like support with your email marketing in the lead up to Christmas and beyond, our email marketing experts can help. Get in touch with our specialist email marketing team today.

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