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Great user experience is at the center of a successful website. The way in which users interact and engage with your product or service is dependent on their behaviour, attitudes and emotions.

Together we'll focus on understanding your current processes, and consider how these could be developed to provide a more memorable service your customers will love. At the beginning of a project we spend our time mapping out user flows that benefit both you as a business and as your clients to ensure all expectations and goals are met efficiently.


Research helps us to get to know real users to understand how to best create products and services that meet expectations. We use methods such as analytics, customer surveys and user testing to help us understand behaviour, build user profiles and identify pain points.

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Data Analysis

By using real analytical data and tools that provide heat maps, visitor recordings and surveys, we are able to obtain real insights at different stages of development. Real data helps to validate, prioritise and inform features that deliver working solutions.

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UX Workshop

We take an in-depth look at your users and business and where the crossover of goals lies. We also look at your research to define personas that represent your key audiences and apply them to user journeys to inform key UX and development decisions.

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Usability Report

Using all of our findings from research, data and the workshops, we collate a valuable UX report that evidences all of our decisions and how we plan to bring this to life. This makes sure all stakeholders and product owners are well informed and part of the process.

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UX Design

Working in tandem with the wireframing process, this is the stage in which we begin to apply our findings to your design. We explore how layout, content and navigation work in harmony to achieve your user goals.

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Testing your website in action at every stage makes sure that the site’s performance is maximised. We also examine the site to ensure the interface is fluid and easy to use, paying close attention to interactions and gestures.

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