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Google Search Console

Our experienced SEO professionals will conduct an audit on the Google Search Console data to identify any problems that Google are having crawling and indexing your website, and will offer key recommendations on how to solve these problems.

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Google Analytics

Accurate information is key to your decision making. Our Analytics Audit will make sure that you are getting accurate and relevant information from your Google Analytics implementation. We will identify any issues in your analytics installation and configuration, offer suitable recommendations and confirm proper functionality should no problems exist.


Find out how well your site content is performing with our thorough site content audit. Our SEO experts will audit your site content to identify any possible content gaps, ensure that your content is SEO friendly and it meets your current business needs



Understanding your competitors is key to building a strong SEO strategy and outperforming them. An in-depth competitor audit by our SEO professionals will help you gain invaluable knowledge on how your competitors are performing and offer insights into how you can improve your own strategy.

Link Profile Analysis

A healthy link profile is imperative to achieving high levels of organic visibility. We use cutting edge tools to analyse the number and quality of your domain's backlinks in order to make recommendations on how you can see your site's traffic increase.

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Our full technical site audit is thorough and in-depth. It will determine what, if anything, is holding back the organic performance of your site. We’ll look at how the site has been built and whether there are any issues with site architecture and navigation, indexation and crawling issues and offer recommendations on any technical issues that may be impacting site performance.

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